Thomas Hamelryck
Thomas Hamelryck
Dpt. of computer science / Dpt. of biology, University of Copenhagen
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Biopython: freely available Python tools for computational molecular biology and bioinformatics
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Legume lectin structure
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PDB file parser and structure class implemented in Python
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A generative, probabilistic model of local protein structure
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An amino acid has two sides: a new 2D measure provides a different view of solvent exposure
T Hamelryck
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Carbohydrate binding, quaternary structure and a novel hydrophobic binding site in two legume lectin oligomers fromDolichos biflorus
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Sampling realistic protein conformations using local structural bias
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Beyond rotamers: a generative, probabilistic model of side chains in proteins
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The crystal structures of Man (α1–3) Man (α1-O) Me and Man (α1–6) Man (α1-O) Me in complex with concanavalin A
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Calculation of accurate small angle X-ray scattering curves from coarse-grained protein models
K Stovgaard, C Andreetta, J Ferkinghoff-Borg, T Hamelryck
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Inference of structure ensembles of flexible biomolecules from sparse, averaged data
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Bayesian inference of protein ensembles from SAXS data
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The role of weak protein-protein interactions in multivalent lectin-carbohydrate binding: crystal structure of cross-linked FRIL
TW Hamelryck, JG Moore, MJ Chrispeels, R Loris, L Wyns
Journal of Molecular Biology 299 (4), 875-883, 2000
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