Saida bouakaz
Saida bouakaz
Professor - LIRIS (CNRS, UMR 5205), Université Claude Bernard Lyon1 , France
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Framework for reliable, real-time facial expression recognition for low resolution images
RA Khan, A Meyer, H Konik, S Bouakaz
Pattern Recognition Letters 34 (10), 1159-1168, 2013
Ongoing human action recognition with motion capture
M Barnachon, S Bouakaz, B Boufama, E Guillou
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A novel database of children's spontaneous facial expressions (LIRIS-CSE)
RA Khan, A Crenn, A Meyer, S Bouakaz
Image and Vision Computing 83, 61-69, 2019
Pain detection through shape and appearance features
RA Khan, A Meyer, H Konik, S Bouakaz
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Feature points based facial animation retargeting
L Dutreve, A Meyer, S Bouakaz
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Human vision inspired framework for facial expressions recognition
RA Khan, A Meyer, H Konik, S Bouakaz
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Saliency-based framework for facial expression recognition
RA Khan, A Meyer, H Konik, S Bouakaz
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CIRDO: Smart companion for helping elderly to live at home for longer
S Bouakaz, M Vacher, MEB Chaumon, F Aman, S Bekkadja, F Portet, ...
Irbm 35 (2), 100-108, 2014
Real-time marker-free motion capture from multiple cameras
B Michoud, E Guillou, H Briceno, S Bouakaz
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Body expression recognition from animated 3D skeleton
A Crenn, RA Khan, A Meyer, S Bouakaz
2016 International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D), 1-7, 2016
Real-time and markerless 3D human motion capture using multiple views
B Michoud, E Guillou, S Bouakaz
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A real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation
M Barnachon, S Bouakaz, B Boufama, E Guillou
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Extraction of facial feature points using cumulative histogram
SK Paul, MS Uddin, S Bouakaz
arXiv preprint arXiv:1203.3270, 2012
Exploring human visual system: study to aid the development of automatic facial expression recognition framework
RA Khan, A Meyer, H Konik, S Bouakaz
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From virtual to augmented reality in financial trading: a CYBERII application
S Maad, S Garbaya, S Bouakaz
Journal of Enterprise Information Management 21 (1), 71-80, 2007
A two-step minimization algorithm for model-based hand tracking
OB Henia, M Hariti, S Bouakaz
Václav Skala-UNION Agency, 2010
Easy rigging of face by automatic registration and transfer of skinning parameters
L Dutreve, A Meyer, V Orvalho, S Bouakaz
Computer Vision and Graphics: International Conference, ICCVG 2010, Warsaw …, 2010
Human actions recognition from streamed motion capture
M Barnachon, S Bouakaz, B Boufama, E Guillou
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Shape From Silhouette: Towards a Solution for Partial Visibility Problem.
B Michoud, E Guillou, S Bouakaz
Eurographics (Short Presentations), 13-16, 2006
The CIRDO corpus: comprehensive audio/video database of domestic falls of elderly people
M Vacher, S Bouakaz, ME Bobillier-Chaumon, F Aman, RA Khan, ...
10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC …, 2016
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