Rajiv Ranjan
Rajiv Ranjan
Distinguished Professor, School's Chair, Fellow Academia Europaea and AAIA, Newcastle University
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CloudSim: a toolkit for modeling and simulation of cloud computing environments and evaluation of resource provisioning algorithms
RN Calheiros, R Ranjan, A Beloglazov, CAF De Rose, R Buyya
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Modeling and simulation of scalable Cloud computing environments and the CloudSim toolkit: Challenges and opportunities
R Buyya, R Ranjan, RN Calheiros
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Intercloud: Utility-oriented federation of cloud computing environments for scaling of application services
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Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 13-31, 2010
Cloudsim: A novel framework for modeling and simulation of cloud computing infrastructures and services
RN Calheiros, R Ranjan, CAF De Rose, R Buyya
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Remote sensing big data computing: Challenges and opportunities
Y Ma, H Wu, L Wang, B Huang, R Ranjan, A Zomaya, W Jie
Future Generation Computer Systems 51, 47-60, 2015
Workload prediction using ARIMA model and its impact on cloud applications’ QoS
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Fog computing: Survey of trends, architectures, requirements, and research directions
RK Naha, S Garg, D Georgakopoulos, PP Jayaraman, L Gao, Y Xiang, ...
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A survey and taxonomy on energy efficient resource allocation techniques for cloud computing systems
A Hameed, A Khoshkbarforoushha, R Ranjan, PP Jayaraman, J Kolodziej, ...
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G-Hadoop: MapReduce across distributed data centers for data-intensive computing
L Wang, J Tao, R Ranjan, H Marten, A Streit, J Chen, D Chen
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Virtual machine provisioning based on analytical performance and qos in cloud computing environments
RN Calheiros, R Ranjan, R Buyya
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Osmotic computing: A new paradigm for edge/cloud integration
M Villari, M Fazio, S Dustdar, O Rana, R Ranjan
IEEE Cloud Computing 3 (6), 76-83, 2016
Big data privacy in the internet of things era
C Perera, R Ranjan, L Wang, SU Khan, AY Zomaya
IT professional 17 (3), 32-39, 2015
Streaming big data processing in datacenter clouds
R Ranjan
IEEE cloud computing 1 (01), 78-83, 2014
Internet of Things and edge cloud computing roadmap for manufacturing
D Georgakopoulos, PP Jayaraman, M Fazia, M Villari, R Ranjan
IEEE Cloud Computing 3 (4), 66-73, 2016
Authorized public auditing of dynamic big data storage on cloud with efficient verifiable fine-grained updates
C Liu, J Chen, LT Yang, X Zhang, C Yang, R Ranjan, R Kotagiri
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 25 (9), 2234-2244, 2013
IOTSim: A simulator for analysing IoT applications
X Zeng, SK Garg, P Strazdins, PP Jayaraman, D Georgakopoulos, ...
Journal of Systems Architecture 72, 93-107, 2017
MuR-DPA: Top-down levelled multi-replica merkle hash tree based secure public auditing for dynamic big data storage on cloud
C Liu, R Ranjan, C Yang, X Zhang, L Wang, J Chen
IEEE Transactions on Computers 64 (9), 2609-2622, 2014
Energy-aware parallel task scheduling in a cluster
L Wang, SU Khan, D Chen, J Kołodziej, R Ranjan, C Xu, A Zomaya
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Survey of techniques and architectures for designing energy-efficient data centers
J Shuja, K Bilal, SA Madani, M Othman, R Ranjan, P Balaji, SU Khan
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Cloud computing: methodology, systems, and applications
R Ranjan, L Wang, J Chen, B Benatallah
CRC Press, 2011
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