Lionel Seinturier
Lionel Seinturier
Professor of Computer Science, University of Lille, France
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JAC: A flexible and efficient framework for AOP in java
R Pawlak, L Seinturier, L Duchien, G Florin
Reflection, 2001
SPOON: A library for implementing analyses and transformations of Java source code
R Pawlak, M Monperrus, N Petitprez, C Noguera, L Seinturier
Software: Practice and Experience 46 (9), 1155-1179, 2016
A component‐based middleware platform for reconfigurable service‐oriented architectures
L Seinturier, P Merle, R Rouvoy, D Romero, V Schiavoni, JB Stefani
Software: Practice and Experience 42 (5), 559-583, 2012
A federated multi-cloud PaaS infrastructure
F Paraiso, N Haderer, P Merle, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
2012 IEEE Fifth International Conference on Cloud Computing, 392-399, 2012
Reconfigurable sca applications with the frascati platform
L Seinturier, P Merle, D Fournier, N Dolet, V Schiavoni, JB Stefani
2009 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, 268-275, 2009
Scalable processing of context information with COSMOS
D Conan, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems: 7th IFIP WG 6.1 …, 2007
JAC: an aspect‐based distributed dynamic framework
R Pawlak, L Seinturier, L Duchien, G Florin, F Legond‐Aubry, L Martelli
Software: Practice and Experience 34 (12), 1119-1148, 2004
A preliminary study of the impact of software engineering on greenit
A Noureddine, A Bourdon, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
2012 First International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software (GREENS …, 2012
OCL for the specification of model transformation contracts
E Cariou, R Marvie, L Seinturier, L Duchien
OCL and Model Driven Engineering, UML 2004 Conference Workshop 12, 69-83, 2004
A UML notation for aspect-oriented software design
R Pawlak, L Duchien, G Florin, F Legond-Aubry, L Seinturier, L Martelli
Proceedings of the AOM with UML workshop at AOSD 2002, 2002
How to design a program repair bot? insights from the repairnator project
S Urli, Z Yu, L Seinturier, M Monperrus
Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering …, 2018
A review of energy measurement approaches
A Noureddine, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 47 (3), 42-49, 2013
Using complex event processing for dynamic business process adaptation
G Hermosillo, L Seinturier, L Duchien
2010 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, 466-473, 2010
A model for developing component-based and aspect-oriented systems
N Pessemier, L Seinturier, T Coupaye, L Duchien
International Conference on Software Composition, 259-274, 2006
A component model engineered with components and aspects
L Seinturier, N Pessemier, L Duchien, T Coupaye
International Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering, 139-153, 2006
Dynamic patch generation for null pointer exceptions using metaprogramming
T Durieux, B Cornu, L Seinturier, M Monperrus
2017 IEEE 24th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and …, 2017
Powerapi: A software library to monitor the energy consumed at the process-level
A Bourdon, A Noureddine, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
ERCIM News 2013 (92), 2013
Monitoring energy hotspots in software: Energy profiling of software code
A Noureddine, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
Automated Software Engineering 22, 291-332, 2015
Runtime monitoring of software energy hotspots
A Noureddine, A Bourdon, R Rouvoy, L Seinturier
Proceedings of the 27th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated …, 2012
Software architecture patterns for a context-processing middleware framework
R Rouvoy, D Conan, L Seinturier
IEEE Distributed Systems Online 9 (6), 1-1, 2008
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