Linda S. Rayor
Linda S. Rayor
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Transgenic pollen harms monarch larvae
JE Losey, LS Rayor, ME Carter
Nature 399 (6733), 214-214, 1999
Trade-offs in foraging success and predation risk with spatial position in colonial spiders
LS Rayor, GW Uetz
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Maternal care and subsocial behaviour in spiders
EC Yip, LS Rayor
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LS Rayor
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Social organization and space-use in Gunnison's prairie dog
LS Rayor
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Dynamics of a plague outbreak in Gunnison's prairie dog
LS Rayor
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Ontogenetic shifts within the selfish herd: predation risk and foraging trade-offs change with age in colonial web-building spiders
LS Rayor, GW Uetz
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Attack strategies of predatory wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae; Sphecidae) on colonial orb web-building spiders (Araneidae: Metepeira incrassata)
LS Rayor
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Social behavior in amblypygids, and a reassessment of arachnid social patterns
LS Rayor, LA Taylor
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EC Yip, LS Rayor
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Effects of monarch larval host plant chemistry and body size on Polistes wasp predation
LS Rayor
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A molecular phylogeny of the Australian huntsman spiders (Sparassidae, Deleninae): implications for taxonomy and social behaviour
I Agnarsson, LS Rayor
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Social behavior and space-use of young of ground-dwelling squirrel species with different levels of sociality
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Kin discrimination in the amblypygid, Damon diadema
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Larval feeding experience influences adult predator acceptance of chemically defended prey
LS Rayor, S Munson
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The influence of siblings on body condition in a social spider: is prey sharing cooperation or competition?
EC Yip, LS Rayor
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Predatory Behavior of Polistes dominulus Wasps in Response to Cardenolides and Glucosinolates in Pieris napi Caterpillars
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Age-related sequential web building in the colonial spider Metepeira incrassata (Araneidae): an adaptive spacing strategy
LS Rayor, GW Uetz
Animal Behaviour 59 (6), 1251-1259, 2000
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