Andrej Blejec
Andrej Blejec
National institute of Biology
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Students' understanding of molecular structure representations
V Ferk, M Vrtacnik, A Blejec, A Gril
International journal of science education 25 (10), 1227-1245, 2003
'Bois noir'phytoplasma induces significant reprogramming of the leaf transcriptome in the field grown grapevine
M Hren, P Nikolić, A Rotter, A Blejec, N Terrier, M Ravnikar, M Dermastia, ...
BMC genomics 10 (1), 1-17, 2009
Individualities in a flock of free-roaming greylag geese: behavioral and physiological consistency over time and across situations
S Kralj-Fišer, IBR Scheiber, A Blejec, E Moestl, K Kotrschal
Hormones and Behavior 51 (2), 239-248, 2007
Reverse transcriptase droplet digital PCR shows high resilience to PCR inhibitors from plant, soil and water samples
N Rački, T Dreo, I Gutierrez-Aguirre, A Blejec, M Ravnikar
Plant methods 10 (1), 1-10, 2014
Cytometrical Evidence That the Loss of Seed Weight in theminiature1 Seed Mutant of Maize Is Associated with Reduced Mitotic Activity in the Developing Endosperm
B Vilhar, A Kladnik, A Blejec, PS Chourey, M Dermastia
Plant Physiology 129 (1), 23-30, 2002
Cathepsin B, a prognostic indicator in lymph node-negative breast carcinoma patients: comparison with cathepsin D, cathepsin L, and other clinical indicators
TT Lah, M Čerc̆ek, A Blejec, J Kos, E Gorodetsky, R Somers, I Daskal
Clinical Cancer Research 6 (2), 578-584, 2000
Ecomorphological convergence of cave communities
P Trontelj, A Blejec, C Fišer
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 66 (12), 3852-3865, 2012
Dynamics of responses in compatible potato-Potato virus Y interaction are modulated by salicylic acid
Š Baebler, K Stare, M Kovač, A Blejec, N Prezelj, T Stare, P Kogovšek, ...
PloS one 6 (12), e29009, 2011
The distribution of the ratio of jointly normal variables
A Cedilnik, K Kosmelj, A Blejec
Metodoloski zvezki 1 (1), 99, 2004
Comparison of potential biological markers cathepsin B, cathepsin L, stefin A and stefin B with urokinase and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and clinicopathological data of …
N Levičar, J Kos, A Blejec, R Golouh, I Vrhovec, S Frkovič-Grazio, TT Lah
Cancer detection and prevention 26 (1), 42-49, 2002
Multiplex quantification of four DNA targets in one reaction with Bio-Rad droplet digital PCR system for GMO detection
D Dobnik, D Štebih, A Blejec, D Morisset, J Žel
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
The expression of lysosomal proteinases and their inhibitors in breast cancer: possible relationship to prognosis of the disease
TT Lah, J Kos, A Blejec, S FrkoviČ-Georgio, R Golouh, I Vrhovec, V Turk
Pathology & Oncology Research 3 (2), 89-99, 1997
Racial differentiation in Asellus aquaticus (L.)(Crustacea: Isopoda: Asellidae)
S Prevorcnik, A Blejec, B Sket
Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 193-214, 2004
Niche-based mechanisms operating within extreme habitats: a case study of subterranean amphipod communities
C Fišer, A Blejec, P Trontelj
Biology Letters 8 (4), 578-581, 2012
Ecology and web allometry of Clitaetra irenae, an arboricolous African orb-weaving spider (Araneae, Araneoidea, Nephilidae)
M Kuntner, CR Haddad, G Aljančič, A Blejec
The Journal of Arachnology 36 (3), 583-594, 2008
Microscopic anatomy of the integument and digestive system during the molt cycle in Ligia italica (Oniscidea)
J Štrus, A Blejec, B Kensley, RC Brusca
Crustacean, 343-352, 2001
Vzorčenje v anketah
G Kalton, V Vehovar, A Blejec
Fakulteta za družbene vede, 2001
Bimodal dynamics of primary metabolism-related responses in tolerant potato-Potato virus Y interaction
T Stare, Ž Ramšak, A Blejec, K Stare, N Turnšek, W Weckwerth, ...
BMC genomics 16 (1), 1-17, 2015
Multivariate analysis of copepod assemblages in epikarstic waters of some Slovenian caves
T Pipan, A Blejec, A Brancelj
Hydrobiologia 559 (1), 213-223, 2006
A general odorant background affects the coding of pheromone stimulus intermittency in specialist olfactory receptor neurones
A Rouyar, V Party, J Prešern, A Blejec, M Renou
PLoS One 6 (10), e26443, 2011
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