Lace Padilla, Ph.D.
Lace Padilla, Ph.D.
Northeastern University
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Decision making with visualizations: a cognitive framework across disciplines
LM Padilla, SH Creem-Regehr, M Hegarty, JK Stefanucci
Cognitive research: principles and implications 3, 1-25, 2018
The science of visual data communication: What works
SL Franconeri, LM Padilla, P Shah, JM Zacks, J Hullman
Psychological Science in the public interest 22 (3), 110-161, 2021
Non-expert interpretations of hurricane forecast uncertainty visualizations
IT Ruginski, AP Boone, LM Padilla, L Liu, N Heydari, HS Kramer, ...
Spatial Cognition & Computation 16 (2), 154-172, 2016
Factors Predicting Willingness to Share COVID-19 Misinformation
CH Emilio J. C. Lobato, Maia Powell, Lace M. K. Padilla
Front Psychol 11 (566108), 2020
Effects of ensemble and summary displays on interpretations of geospatial uncertainty data
LM Padilla, IT Ruginski, SH Creem-Regehr
Cognitive research: principles and implications 2, 1-16, 2017
Mapping the landscape of COVID-19 crisis visualizations
Y Zhang, Y Sun, L Padilla, S Barua, E Bertini, AG Parker
Proceedings of the 2021 CHI conference on human factors in computing systems …, 2021
Uncertainty visualization
L Padilla, M Kay, J Hullman
Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online, 2021
Uncertainty visualization by representative sampling from prediction ensembles
L Liu, AP Boone, IT Ruginski, L Padilla, M Hegarty, SH Creem-Regehr, ...
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 23 (9), 2165-2178, 2016
Visualizing uncertain tropical cyclone predictions using representative samples from ensembles of forecast tracks
L Liu, L Padilla, SH Creem-Regehr, DH House
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 25 (1), 882-891, 2018
Evaluating the impact of binning 2d scalar fields
L Padilla, PS Quinan, M Meyer, SH Creem-Regehr
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 23 (1), 431-440, 2016
Uncertain about uncertainty: How qualitative expressions of forecaster confidence impact decision-making with uncertainty visualizations
LMK Padilla, M Powell, M Kay, J Hullman
Frontiers in Psychology 11, 579267, 2021
Sex differences in virtual navigation influenced by scale and navigation experience
LM Padilla, SH Creem-Regehr, JK Stefanucci, EA Cashdan
Psychonomic bulletin & review 24, 582-590, 2017
The influence of different graphical displays on non-expert decision making under uncertainty
L Padilla, G Hansen, I Ruginski, H Kramer, W Thompson, ...
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2014
Sex differences in mobility and spatial cognition: a test of the fertility and parental care hypothesis in northwestern Namibia
L Vashro, L Padilla, E Cashdan
Human Nature 27, 16-34, 2016
Toward objective evaluation of working memory in visualizations: A case study using pupillometry and a dual-task paradigm
LMK Padilla, SC Castro, PS Quinan, IT Ruginski, SH Creem-Regehr
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 26 (1), 332-342, 2019
The powerful influence of marks: Visual and knowledge-driven processing in hurricane track displays.
LMK Padilla, SH Creem-Regehr, W Thompson
Journal of experimental psychology: applied 26 (1), 1, 2020
Mobility and navigation among the Yucatec Maya: sex differences reflect parental investment, not mating competition
E Cashdan, KL Kramer, HE Davis, L Padilla, RD Greaves
Human Nature 27, 35-50, 2016
Examining effort in 1d uncertainty communication using individual differences in working memory and nasa-tlx
SC Castro, PS Quinan, H Hosseinpour, L Padilla
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 28 (1), 411-421, 2021
A case for cognitive models in visualization research: Position paper
LM Padilla
2018 IEEE Evaluation and Beyond-Methodological Approaches for Visualization …, 2018
Examining implicit discretization in spectral schemes
PS Quinan, LM Padilla, SH Creem‐Regehr, M Meyer
Computer Graphics Forum 38 (3), 363-374, 2019
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