Ian McCue
Ian McCue
Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
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Dealloying and dealloyed materials
I McCue, E Benn, B Gaskey, J Erlebacher
Annual review of materials research 46, 263-286, 2016
Structure/processing/properties relationships in nanoporous nanoparticles as applied to catalysis of the cathodic oxygen reduction reaction
J Snyder, I McCue, K Livi, J Erlebacher
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (20), 8633-8645, 2012
Dealloying of noble-metal alloy nanoparticles
X Li, Q Chen, I McCue, J Snyder, P Crozier, J Erlebacher, K Sieradzki
Nano letters 14 (5), 2569-2577, 2014
Topology-generating interfacial pattern formation during liquid metal dealloying
PA Geslin, I McCue, B Gaskey, J Erlebacher, A Karma
Nature communications 6 (1), 8887, 2015
Kinetics and morphological evolution of liquid metal dealloying
I McCue, B Gaskey, PA Geslin, A Karma, J Erlebacher
Acta Materialia 115, 10-23, 2016
Size effects in the mechanical properties of bulk bicontinuous Ta/Cu nanocomposites made by liquid metal dealloying
I McCue, S Ryan, K Hemker, X Xu, N Li, M Chen, J Erlebacher
Advanced Engineering Materials 18 (1), 46-50, 2016
Pattern formation during electrochemical and liquid metal dealloying
I McCue, A Karma, J Erlebacher
Mrs Bulletin 43 (1), 27-34, 2018
AQUAMI: An open source Python package and GUI for the automatic quantitative analysis of morphologically complex multiphase materials
J Stuckner, K Frei, I McCue, MJ Demkowicz, M Murayama
Computational Materials Science 139, 320-329, 2017
Apparent inverse Gibbs-Thomson effect in dealloyed nanoporous nanoparticles
I McCue, J Snyder, X Li, Q Chen, K Sieradzki, J Erlebacher
Physical review letters 108 (22), 225503, 2012
Gaining new insights into nanoporous gold by mining and analysis of published images
I McCue, J Stuckner, M Murayama, MJ Demkowicz
Scientific reports 8 (1), 6761, 2018
Geometric characterization of nanoporous metals
J Erlebacher, I McCue
Acta Materialia 60 (17), 6164-6174, 2012
Self-assembled porous metal-intermetallic nanocomposites via liquid metal dealloying
B Gaskey, I McCue, A Chuang, J Erlebacher
Acta Materialia 164, 293-300, 2019
A high-throughput technique for determining grain boundary character non-destructively in microstructures with through-thickness grains
M Seita, M Volpi, S Patala, I McCue, CA Schuh, MV Diamanti, ...
Npj Computational Materials 2 (1), 1-5, 2016
Alloy design criteria for solid metal dealloying of thin films
I McCue, MJ Demkowicz
Jom 69 (11), 2199-2205, 2017
Local heterogeneity in the mechanical properties of bicontinuous composites made by liquid metal dealloying
I McCue, B Gaskey, B Crawford, J Erlebacher
Applied Physics Letters 109 (23), 2016
Controlled shape-morphing metallic components for deployable structures
ID McCue, GM Valentino, DB Trigg, AM Lennon, CE Hebert, DP Seker, ...
Materials & Design 208, 109935, 2021
Electrochemical dealloying with simultaneous phase separation
Y Zeng, B Gaskey, E Benn, I McCue, G Greenidge, K Livi, X Zhang, ...
Acta Materialia 171, 8-17, 2019
Strong impact of minor elements on the microstructural evolution of an additively manufactured Inconel 625 alloy
MR He, A Banerjee, CJ Marvel, S Price, I McCue, EJ Schwalbach, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 53 (8), 2926-2942, 2022
Quantifying surface deformation around micrometer-scale indents by digital image correlation
M Liu, I McCue, MJ Demkowicz
Journal of Materials Research 36, 2277-2290, 2021
The effect of microstructure morphology on indentation response of Ta/Ti nanocomposite thin films
I McCue, S Xiang, K Xie, MJ Demkowicz
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51, 5677-5690, 2020
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