Chase H. Smith
Chase H. Smith
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Integrative taxonomy resolves taxonomic uncertainty for freshwater mussels being considered for protection under the US Endangered Species Act
NA Johnson, CH Smith, JM Pfeiffer, CR Randklev, JD Williams, JD Austin
Scientific reports 8 (1), 15892, 2018
Integrative taxonomy reveals a new species of freshwater mussel, Potamilus streckersoni sp. nov. (Bivalvia: Unionidae): implications for conservation and …
CH Smith, NA Johnson, K Inoue, RD Doyle, CR Randklev
Systematics and Biodiversity 17 (4), 331-348, 2019
Molecular and morphometric analyses reveal cryptic diversity within freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) of the western Gulf coastal drainages of the USA
AM Pieri, K Inoue, NA Johnson, CH Smith, JL Harris, C Robertson, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 124 (2), 261-277, 2018
Molecular and morphological data reveal non-monophyly and speciation in imperiled freshwater mussels (Anodontoides and Strophitus)
CH Smith, NA Johnson, JM Pfeiffer, MM Gangloff
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 119, 50-62, 2018
Comparative phylogenomics reveal complex evolution of life history strategies in a clade of bivalves with parasitic larvae (Bivalvia: Unionoida: Ambleminae)
CH Smith, JM Pfeiffer, NA Johnson
Cladistics 36 (5), 505-520, 2020
A high-quality reference genome for a parasitic bivalve with doubly uniparental inheritance (Bivalvia: Unionida)
CH Smith
Genome Biology and Evolution 13 (3), evab029, 2021
Did doubly uniparental inheritance (DUI) of mtDNA originate as a cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) system?
S Breton, DT Stewart, J Brémaud, JC Havird, CH Smith, WR Hoeh
BioEssays 44 (4), 2100283, 2022
Resolving species boundaries in the critically imperiled freshwater mussel species, Fusconaia mitchelli (Bivalvia: Unionidae)
CH Smith, NA Johnson, K Havlik, RD Doyle, CR Randklev
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 59 (1), 60-77, 2021
A lizard is never late: squamate genomics as a recent catalyst for understanding sex chromosome and microchromosome evolution
BJ Pinto, T Gamble, CH Smith, MA Wislon
Journal of Heredity, esad023, 2023
The revised reference genome of the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) provides insight into the considerations of genome phasing and assembly
BJ Pinto, T Gamble, CH Smith, SE Keating, JC Havird, Y Chiari
Journal of Heredity, esad016, 2023
Establishing conservation units to promote recovery of two threatened freshwater mussel species (Bivalvia: Unionida: Potamilus)
CH Smith, NA Johnson, CR Robertson, RD Doyle, CR Randklev
Ecology and Evolution 11 (16), 11102-11122, 2021
A new species of freshwater mussel in the genus Popenaias Frierson, 1927, from the Gulf coastal rivers of central Mexico (Bivalvia: Unionida: Unionidae) with comments on the genus
K Inoue, KS Cummings, JS Tiemann, TD Miller, NA Johnson, CH Smith, ...
Zootaxa 4816 (4), 457-490, 2020
Biogeography of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida) in Texas and implications on conservation biology
M de Moulpied, CH Smith, CR Robertson, NA Johnson, R Lopez, ...
Diversity and Distributions 28 (7), 1458-1474, 2022
Using a multi‐model ensemble approach to determine biodiversity hotspots with limited occurrence data in understudied areas: An example using freshwater mussels in México
AH Kiser, KS Cummings, JS Tiemann, CH Smith, NA Johnson, RR Lopez, ...
Ecology and Evolution 12 (5), e8909, 2022
A Comparative Phylogeographic Approach to Facilitate Recovery of an Imperiled Freshwater Mussel (Bivalvia: Unionida: Potamilus inflatus)
CH Smith, NA Johnson
Diversity 12 (7), 281, 2020
Coevolution with host fishes shapes parasitic life histories in a group of freshwater mussels (Unionidae: Quadrulini)
S Neemuchwala, NA Johnson, JM Pfeiffer, M Lopes-Lima, ...
Bulletin of the Society of Systematic Biologists 2 (1), 1-25, 2023
The utility of zooarchaeological data to guide listing efforts for an imperiled mussel species (Bivalvia: Unionidae: Pleurobema riddellii)
CR Randklev, S Wolverton, NA Johnson, CH Smith, TP DuBose, ...
Conservation Science and Practice 2 (9), e253, 2020
Genome-wide SNP analysis of three moose subspecies at the southern range limit in the contiguous United States
JA Ferrante, CH Smith, LM Thompson, ME Hunter
Conservation Genetics 23 (1), 109-121, 2022
Molecular and morphological data to facilitate future research on freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae: Anodontinae)
CH Smith, NA Johnson, JM Pfeiffer, MM Gangloff
Data in brief 17, 95-104, 2018
Molecular data validate historical and contemporary distributions of Pleurobema riddellii (Bivalvia: Unionidae) and help guide conservation and recovery efforts
NA Johnson, CE Beaver, AH Kiser, MA Duplessis, MD Wagner, ...
Endangered Species Research 52, 1-15, 2023
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