Peng Yen LIEW
Peng Yen LIEW
Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
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Total Site Heat Integration planning and design for industrial, urban and renewable systems
PY Liew, WL Theo, SRW Alwi, JS Lim, ZA Manan, JJ Klemeš, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 68, 964-985, 2017
A numerical technique for Total Site sensitivity analysis
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, PS Varbanov, ZA Manan, JJ Klemeš
Applied Thermal Engineering 40, 397-408, 2012
Centralised utility system planning for a Total Site Heat Integration network
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, PS Varbanov, ZA Manan, JJ Klemeš
Computers & chemical engineering 57, 104-111, 2013
A retrofit framework for Total Site heat recovery systems
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Applied energy 135, 778-790, 2014
Algorithmic targeting for Total Site Heat Integration with variable energy supply/demand
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, JJ Klemeš, PS Varbanov, ZA Manan
Applied Thermal Engineering 70 (2), 1073-1083, 2014
Review of hydrogen economy in Malaysia and its way forward
AXY Mah, WS Ho, CPC Bong, MH Hassim, PY Liew, UA Asli, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (12), 5661-5675, 2019
Integrating district cooling systems in locally integrated energy sectors through total site heat integration
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Applied Energy 184, 1350-1363, 2016
A Unified Total Site Heat Integration targeting method for isothermal and non-isothermal utilities
AH Tarighaleslami, TG Walmsley, MJ Atkins, MRW Walmsley, PY Liew, ...
Energy 119, 10-25, 2017
Total Site Heat Integration incorporating the water sensible heat
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, JS Lim, PS Varbanov, JJ Klemeš, ZA Manan
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Pinch-based Targeting Methodology for Multi-Contaminant Material Recycle/Reuse
HH Chin, PS Varbanov, PY Liew, JJ Klemeš
Chemical Engineering Science, 116129, 2021
Multi-period energy targeting for total site and locally integrated energy sectors with cascade pinch analysis
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, WS Ho, ZA Manan, PS Varbanov, JJ Klemeš
Energy 155, 370-380, 2018
Total Site Heat Integration targeting algorithm incorporating plant layout issues
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, JJ Klemeš
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 33, 1801-1806, 2014
Integrated regional waste management to minimise the environmental footprints in circular economy transition
Y Van Fan, P Jiang, JJ Klemeš, PY Liew, CT Lee
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Combined Pinch and exergy numerical analysis for low temperature heat exchanger network
MN Hamsani, TG Walmsley, PY Liew, SRW Alwi
Energy 153, 100-112, 2018
Palm oil mill effluent (pome) biogas off-site utilization Malaysia specification and legislation
A Mohtar, WS Ho, H Hashim, JS Lim, ZA Muis, PY Liew
Chemical Engineering Transactions 56, 637-642, 2017
Heat pump integration for total site waste heat recovery
PY Liew, TG Walmsley
Chemical Engineering Transactions 52, 817-822, 2016
Utility-heat exchanger grid diagram: a tool for designing the total site heat exchanger network
PY Liew, SRW Alwi, JJ Klemeš, PS Varbanov, ZA Manan
Chemical Engineering Transactions 39, 2014
Total Site Heat Integration with seasonal energy availability
PY Liew, SR Wan Alwi, JJ Klemeš, PS Varbanov, Z Abdul Manan
Chemical Engineering Transactions 35, 19-24, 2013
Targeting and Scheduling of Standalone Renewable Energy System with Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier as Energy Storage
AXY Mah, WS Ho, MH Hassim, H Hashim, PY Liew, ZA Muis
Energy 218, 119475, 2021
Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) biogas techno-economic analysis for utilisation as bio compressed natural gas
A Mohtar, WS Ho, AM Idris, H Hashim, JS Lim, PY Liew, GLH Teck, CS Ho
Chemical Engineering Transactions 63, 265-270, 2018
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