seungryong cho
seungryong cho
Professor of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, KAIST
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Deep-neural-network-based sinogram synthesis for sparse-view CT image reconstruction
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Endodontic treatment of an anomalous anterior tooth with the aid of a 3-dimensional printed physical tooth model
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Energy‐Efficient Probabilistic Routing Algorithm for Internet of Things
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Imaging system
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Efficient material decomposition method for dual-energy X-ray cargo inspection system
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Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2018
Lymphocyte dynamics during and after chemo-radiation correlate to dose and outcome in stage III NSCLC patients undergoing maintenance immunotherapy
Y Cho, Y Kim, I Chamseddine, WH Lee, HR Kim, IJ Lee, MH Hong, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology 168, 1-7, 2022
Suppression of avalanche multiplication at the periphery of diffused junction by floating guard rings in a planar InGaAs-InP avalanche photodiode
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Physics in Medicine & Biology 60 (15), 5971, 2015
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