Sanda-Maria Avram (Dragoș)
Sanda-Maria Avram (Dragoș)
Druga imenaSanda Dragoș, Sanda-Maria Dragoș, Sanda-Maria Avram
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Applying Triadic FCA in Studying Web Usage Behaviors
SM Dragoş, D Haliţă, C Săcărea, D Troancă
The 7th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and …, 2014
Why Google Analytics Cannot Be Used For Educational Web Content
SM Dragoş
The 7th International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices …, 2011
PULSE Extended
SM Dragoș
The 4th International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and …, 2009
Macro-routing: a new hierarchical routing protocol
SM Dragoș, M Collier
IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), 1510-1514, 2004
Design and implementation of an MPLS based load balancing architecture for Web switching
R Dragoș, SM Dragoș, M Collier
The 15th Internet Traffic Engineering and Traffic Management (ITC), 24-32, 2002
PULSE-a PHP Utility used in Laboratories for Student Evaluation
SM Dragoș
International Conference on Informatics Education Europe II (IEEII …, 2007
Attractors in Web Based Educational Systems. A Conceptual Knowledge Processing Grounded Approach
SM Dragoş, D Haliţă, C Săcărea
The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and …, 2015
Behavioral pattern mining in web based educational systems
SM Dragoş, D Haliţă, C Săcărea
The 23rd International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and …, 2015
WATEC: a Web Analytics Tool for Educational Content
SM Dragoș, R Dragoș
Knowledge Engineering Principles and Techniques (KEPT), 320-327, 2009
Bandwidth management in MPLS networks
SM Dragoș, R Dragoș, M Collier
First Joint IEI/IEE Symposium on Telecommunications Systems Research,, 11-16, 2001
Distilling Conceptual Structures from Weblog Using Polyadic FCA
SM Dragoş, DF Haliţă, C Săcărea
The 22nd International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS), 151-159, 2016
Investigating trend-setters in e-learning systems using polyadic formal concept analysis and answer set programming
SM Dragoș, D Haliță, D Troancă
The 4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge …, 2016
Why integrated E-learning Analytics are the best solution?
SM Dragoș
IEEE 7th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and …, 2011
A comparison of several AI techniques for authorship attribution on Romanian texts
SM Avram, M Oltean
Mathematics 10 (23), 4589, 2022
An FCA grounded study of user dynamics through log exploration
SM Dragoş, D Haliţă, C Săcărea, D Troancă
Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai Informatica 59 (2), 82-97, 2014
Analysing the Usage of Pulse Portal with Formal Concept Analysis
SM Dragoș, C Săcărea
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Informatica 57 (3), 65-75, 2012
SINE - a System with Interactive ackNowledgement and Evaluation of students work during laboratory sessions,
SM Dragoș, R Dragoș
Didactica Mathematica 25 (1), 31-39, 2007
An investigation of user behavior in educational platforms using temporal concept analysis
SM Dragoş, C Săcărea, DF Şotropa
The 14th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA) 10308 …, 2017
Analysing the Effect of Changing the Educational Methods by Using FCA
SM Dragoş, D Haliţă, C Săcărea
The 24th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and …, 2016
Analysing Web Usage with Force-Directed Graphs
SM Dragoș, AM Beldean
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Informatica 58 (4), 75-86, 2013
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