Igor Dejanović
Igor Dejanović
Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad
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Textx: a python tool for domain-specific languages implementation
I Dejanović, R Vaderna, G Milosavljević, Ž Vuković
Knowledge-based systems 115, 1-4, 2017
A domain-specific language for defining static structure of database applications
I Dejanović, G Milosavljević, B Perišić, M Tumbas
Computer Science and Information Systems 7 (3), 409-440, 2010
Performance evaluation of compact binary XML representation for constrained devices
N Gligorić, I Dejanović, S Krčo
2011 international conference on distributed computing in sensor systems and …, 2011
Arpeggio: A flexible PEG parser for Python
I Dejanović, G Milosavljević, R Vaderna
Knowledge-based systems 95, 71-74, 2016
UML profile for specifying user interfaces of business applications
B Perišić, G Milosavljević, I Dejanović, B Milosavljević
Computer Science and Information Systems, 405-426, 2011
Comparison of Textual and Visual Notations of DOMMLite Domain-Specific Language.
I Dejanovic, M Tumbas, G Milosavljevic, B Perisic
ADBIS (local proceedings), 131-136, 2010
CoAP over SMS: Performance evaluation for machine to machine communication
N Gligoric, T Dimcic, D Drajic, S Krco, I Dejanovic, N Chu, A Obradovic
2012 20th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), 1-4, 2012
Kroki: A mockup-based tool for participatory development of business applications
G Milosavljević, M Filipović, V Marsenić, D Pejaković, I Dejanović
2013 IEEE 12th International Conference on Intelligent Software …, 2013
Developing microservice-based applications using the silvera domain-specific language
A Suljkanović, B Milosavljević, V Inđić, I Dejanović
Applied Sciences 12 (13), 6679, 2022
Rapid Requirements Elicitation of Enterprise Applications Based on Executable Mockups
M Filipović, Ž Vuković, I Dejanović, G Milosavljević
Applied Sciences 11 (16), 7684, 2021
Aspect-oriented engines for Kroki models execution
M Filipović, S Kaplar, R Vaderna, Ž Ivković, G Milosavljević, I Dejanović
5th International Conference on Information Society Technology and …, 2015
Graph layout algorithms and libraries: Overview and improvements
R Vaderna, G Milosavljević, I Dejanović
ICIST 2015 5th International Conference on Information Society and …, 2015
SAIL: A domain-specific language for semantic-aided automation of interface mapping in enterprise integration
Ž Vuković, N Milanović, R Vaderna, I Dejanović, G Milosavljević
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2015 Workshops: Confederated …, 2015
Application of Kroki mockup tool to implementation of executable CERIF specification
M Filipović, R Vaderna, Ž Ivković, S Kaplar, Ž Vuković, I Dejanović, ...
Procedia Computer Science 106, 245-252, 2017
Grad: A new graph drawing and analysis library
R Vaderna, I Dejanović, G Milosavljević
2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems …, 2016
Applang–A DSL for specification of mobile applications for android platform based on textX
M Kosanović, I Dejanović, G Milosavljević
AIP Conference Proceedings 1738 (1), 2016
Explicit support for languages and mograms in the SLEWorks language workbench
I Dejanović, G Milosavljević, B Perišić, I Vasiljević, M Filipović
The 3nd International Conference on Information Society Technology (ICIST …, 2013
PyFlies: A Domain-Specific Language for Designing Experiments in Psychology
I Dejanović, M Dejanović, J Vidaković, S Nikolić
Applied Sciences 11 (17), 7823, 2021
PyTabs: A DSL for simplified music notation
M Simić, Ž Bal, R Vaderna, I Dejanović
The 5th International Conference on Information Society and Technology …, 2015
Performance Evaluation of the Arpeggio Parser
I Dejanović, G Milosavljević
ICIST 2014, 2014
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