Simon Ho
Simon Ho
Professor of Molecular Evolution, University of Sydney
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Relaxed phylogenetics and dating with confidence
AJ Drummond, SYW Ho, MJ Phillips, A Rambaut
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PartitionFinder: Combined selection of partitioning schemes and substitution models for phylogenetic analyses
R Lanfear, B Calcott, SYW Ho, S Guindon
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Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds
ED Jarvis, S Mirarab, AJ Aberer, B Li, P Houde, C Li, SYW Ho, ...
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Time dependency of molecular rate estimates and systematic overestimation of recent divergence times
SYW Ho, MJ Phillips, A Cooper, AJ Drummond
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Accounting for calibration uncertainty in phylogenetic estimation of evolutionary divergence times
SYW Ho, MJ Phillips
Systematic Biology 58 (3), 367-380, 2009
Species-specific responses of Late Quaternary megafauna to climate and humans
ED Lorenzen, D Nogués-Bravo, L Orlando, J Weinstock, J Binladen, ...
Nature 479 (7373), 359-364, 2011
Rethinking dog domestication by integrating genetics, archeology, and biogeography
G Larson, EK Karlsson, A Perri, MT Webster, SYW Ho, J Peters, PW Stahl, ...
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Time‐dependent rates of molecular evolution
SYW Ho, R Lanfear, L Bromham, MJ Phillips, J Soubrier, AG Rodrigo, ...
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Skyline‐plot methods for estimating demographic history from nucleotide sequences
SYW Ho, B Shapiro
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Molecular clocks: when times are a-changin'
SYW Ho, G Larson
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Calibrating molecular estimates of substitution rates and divergence times in birds
Journal of Avian Biology 38 (4), 409-414, 2007
Testing the impact of calibration on molecular divergence times using a fossil-rich group: The case of Nothofagus (Fagales)
H Sauquet, SYW Ho, MA Gandolfo, GJ Jordan, P Wilf, DJ Cantrill, ...
Systematic Biology 61 (2), 289-313, 2012
Radiation of extant cetaceans driven by restructuring of the oceans
ME Steeman, MB Hebsgaard, RE Fordyce, SYW Ho, DL Rabosky, ...
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Ancient mitochondrial DNA provides high-resolution time scale of the peopling of the Americas
B Llamas, L Fehren-Schmitz, G Valverde, J Soubrier, S Mallick, ...
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Molecular-clock methods for estimating evolutionary rates and timescales
SYW Ho, S Duchêne
Molecular Ecology 23 (24), 5947-5965, 2014
Mitochondrial DNA analysis shows a Near Eastern Neolithic origin for domestic cattle and no indication of domestication of European aurochs
CJ Edwards, R Bollongino, A Scheu, A Chamberlain, A Tresset, JD Vigne, ...
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Comparison of methods for molecular species delimitation across a range of speciation scenarios
A Luo, C Ling, SYW Ho, C Zhu
Systematic Biology 67 (5), 830-846, 2018
EasyCodeML: A visual tool for analysis of selection using CodeML
F Gao, C Chen, DA Arab, Z Du, Y He, SYW Ho
Ecology and Evolution 9 (7), 3891-3898, 2019
Neolithic mitochondrial haplogroup H genomes and the genetic origins of Europeans
P Brotherton, W Haak, J Templeton, G Brandt, J Soubrier, CJ Adler, ...
Nature Communications 4, 1764, 2013
Evidence for time dependency of molecular rate estimates
SYW Ho, B Shapiro, MJ Phillips, A Cooper, AJ Drummond
Systematic Biology 56 (3), 515-522, 2007
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