Pascal Landais
Pascal Landais
Associate Prof, School of Electronic Engineering
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Phase correlation and linewidth reduction of 40 GHz self-pulsation in distributed Bragg reflector semiconductor lasers
J Renaudier, GH Duan, P Landais, P Gallion
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Self-pulsating semiconductor lasers: theory and experiment
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HOSA: Hybrid optical switch architecture for data center networks
M Imran, M Collier, P Landais, K Katrinis
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InP-based integrated optical pulse shaper: demonstration of chirp compensation
S Tahvili, S Latkowski, B Smalbrugge, XJM Leijtens, PJ Williams, MJ Wale, ...
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Software-defined optical burst switching for HPC and cloud computing data centers
M Imran, M Collier, P Landais, K Katrinis
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Finite element method analysis of band gap and transmission of two-dimensional metallic photonic crystals at terahertz frequencies
E Degirmenci, P Landais
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Experimental investigation of polarisation rotation in semiconductor optical amplifiers
BF Kennedy, S Philippe, P Landais, AL Bradley, H Soto
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J Pfeifle, R Watts, I Shkarban, S Wolf, V Vujicic, P Landais, N Chimot, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Tu3I. 5, 2015
Modeling and measurement of bistable semiconductor lasers
GH Duan, P Landais, J Jacquet
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Expansion and phase correlation of a wavelength tunable gain-switched optical frequency comb
PD Lakshmijayasimha, A Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, EP Martin, ...
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EKF for joint mitigation of phase noise, frequency offset and nonlinearity in 400 Gb/s PM-16-QAM and 200 Gb/s PM-QPSK systems
A Jain, PK Krishnamurthy, P Landais, PM Anandarajah
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Performance evaluation of hybrid optical switch architecture for data center networks
M Imran, M Collier, P Landais, K Katrinis
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Terahertz wave generation from a dc-biased multimode laser
S Latkowski, F Surre, P Landais
Applied Physics Letters 92 (8), 2008
Linewidth enhancement factor of semiconductor lasers: Results from Round-Robin measurements in COST 288
A Villafranca, J Lasobras, I Garces, G Giuliani, S Donati, M Chacinski, ...
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Analysis of a narrowband terahertz signal generated by a unitravelling carrier photodiode coupled with a dual-mode semiconductor Fabry–Pérot laser
S Latkowski, J Parra-Cetina, R Maldonado-Basilio, P Landais, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96 (24), 2010
Performance analysis of optical burst switching with fast optical switches for data center networks
M Imran, P Landais, M Collier, K Katrinis
2015 17th International conference on transparent optical networks (ICTON), 1-4, 2015
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