Livio Robaldo
Livio Robaldo
University of Luxembourg
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The Penn Discourse TreeBank 2.0.
R Prasad, N Dinesh, A Lee, E Miltsakaki, L Robaldo, AK Joshi, ...
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Sense annotation in the penn discourse treebank
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The penn discourse treebank 1.0 annotation manual
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Eunomos, a legal document and knowledge management system for the web to provide relevant, reliable and up-to-date information on the law
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Artificial Intelligence and Law 24, 245-283, 2016
Pronto: Privacy ontology for legal reasoning
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Legal ontology for modelling GDPR concepts and norms
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Linking legal open data: breaking the accessibility and language barrier in European legislation and case law
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Semantic relation extraction from legislative text using generalized syntactic dependencies and support vector machines
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The European legal taxonomy syllabus: a multi-lingual, multi-level ontology framework to untangle the web of European legal terminology
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Learning from syntax generalizations for automatic semantic annotation
G Boella, LD Caro, A Ruggeri, L Robaldo
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Formalizing GDPR provisions in reified I/O logic: the DAPRECO knowledge base
L Robaldo, C Bartolini, M Palmirani, A Rossi, M Martoni, G Lenzini
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Reified input/output logic: combining input/output logic and reification to represent norms coming from existing legislation
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Pronto: Privacy ontology for legal compliance
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Introduction for artificial intelligence and law: special issue “natural language processing for legal texts”
L Robaldo, S Villata, A Wyner, M Grabmair
Artificial Intelligence and Law 27, 113-115, 2019
Towards legal compliance by correlating standards and laws with a semi-automated methodology
C Bartolini, A Giurgiu, G Lenzini, L Robaldo
BNAIC 2016: Artificial Intelligence: 28th Benelux Conference on Artificial …, 2017
Nlp challenges for eunomos, a tool to build and manage legal knowledge
G Boella, L Di Caro, L Humphreys, L Robaldo, L van der Torre
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Distributivity, collectivity, and cumulativity in terms of (in) dependence and maximality
L Robaldo
Journal of Logic, Language and Information 20 (2), 233-271, 2011
Legal Information Retrieval Using Topic Clustering and Neural Networks.
R Nanda, KJ Adebayo, L Di Caro, G Boella, L Robaldo
COLIEE@ ICAIL, 68-78, 2017
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