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Aurelien Perron
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New insights on cellular structures strengthening mechanisms and thermal stability of an austenitic stainless steel fabricated by laser powder-bed-fusion
T Voisin, JB Forien, A Perron, S Aubry, N Bertin, A Samanta, A Baker, ...
Acta Materialia 203, 116476, 2021
Impact of proton irradiation on conductivity and deep level defects in β-Ga2O3
ME Ingebrigtsen, AY Kuznetsov, BG Svensson, G Alfieri, A Mihaila, ...
Apl Materials 7 (2), 2019
High performance aluminum–cerium alloys for high-temperature applications
ZC Sims, OR Rios, D Weiss, PEA Turchi, A Perron, JRI Lee, TT Li, ...
Materials Horizons 4 (6), 1070-1078, 2017
Understanding sigma-phase precipitation in a stabilized austenitic stainless steel (316Nb) through complementary CALPHAD-based and experimental investigations
A Perron, C Toffolon-Masclet, X Ledoux, F Buy, T Guilbert, S Urvoy, ...
Acta Materialia 79, 16-29, 2014
Interface reactivity study between La0. 6Sr0. 4Co0. 2Fe0. 8O3− δ (LSCF) cathode material and metallic interconnect for fuel cell
MR Ardigò, A Perron, L Combemale, O Heintz, G Caboche, S Chevalier
Journal of Power Sources 196 (4), 2037-2045, 2011
Prospects for n-type doping of (AlxGa1− x) 2O3 alloys
JB Varley, A Perron, V Lordi, D Wickramaratne, JL Lyons
Applied Physics Letters 116 (17), 2020
Rapid solidification in bulk Ti-Nb alloys by single-track laser melting
JD Roehling, A Perron, JL Fattebert, T Haxhimali, G Guss, TT Li, D Bober, ...
Jom 70, 1589-1597, 2018
Enhanced thermal coarsening resistance in a nanostructured aluminum-cerium alloy produced by additive manufacturing
HB Henderson, JA Hammons, AA Baker, SK McCall, TT Li, A Perron, ...
Materials & Design 209, 109988, 2021
Oxidation of nanocrystalline aluminum by variable charge molecular dynamics
A Perron, S Garruchet, O Politano, G Aral, V Vignal
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 71 (2), 119-124, 2010
Thermodynamics of SmCo5 compound doped with Fe and Ni: An ab initio study
A Landa, P Söderlind, D Parker, D Åberg, V Lordi, A Perron, PEA Turchi, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 765, 659-663, 2018
Thermodynamic re-assessment of the Pu–U system and its application to the ternary Pu–U–Ga system
A Perron, PEA Turchi, A Landa, P Söderlind, B Ravat, B Oudot, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 454 (1-3), 81-95, 2014
Phase transformations in PuGa 1 at.% alloy: Study of whole reversion process following martensitic transformation
B Ravat, B Oudot, A Perron, F Lalire, F Delaunay
Journal of alloys and compounds 580, 298-309, 2013
A mesoscopic digital twin that bridges length and time scales for control of additively manufactured metal microstructures
TW Heo, SA Khairallah, R Shi, J Berry, A Perron, NP Calta, AA Martin, ...
Journal of Physics: Materials 4 (3), 034012, 2021
Grain size, stress and surface roughness
A Perron, O Politano, V Vignal
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2008
The Pu–U–Am system: An ab initio informed CALPHAD thermodynamic study
A Perron, PEA Turchi, A Landa, P Söderlind, B Ravat, B Oudot, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 458, 425-441, 2015
Toward multiscale simulations of tailored microstructure formation in metal additive manufacturing
J Berry, A Perron, JL Fattebert, JD Roehling, B Vrancken, TT Roehling, ...
Materials Today 51, 65-86, 2021
Development of a CALPHAD thermodynamic database for Pu-U-Fe-Ga alloys
EE Moore, PEA Turchi, A Landa, P Söderlind, B Oudot, JL Belof, SA Stout, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (23), 5040, 2019
Ground-state and thermodynamical properties of uranium mononitride from anharmonic first-principles theory
P Söderlind, A Landa, A Perron, B Sadigh, TW Heo
Applied Sciences 9 (18), 3914, 2019
Matching time and spatial scales of rapid solidification: dynamic TEM experiments coupled to CALPHAD-informed phase-field simulations
A Perron, JD Roehling, PEA Turchi, JL Fattebert, JT McKeown
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 26 (1), 014002, 2017
Thermodynamic modeling of the Al-Ce-Cu-Mg-Si system and its application to aluminum-cerium alloy design
EE Moore, PEA Turchi, V Lordi, D Weiss, ZC Sims, HB Henderson, ...
Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion 41, 764-783, 2020
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