Daniel Blair
Daniel Blair
Professor of Physics, Georgetown University
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Mechanism for clogging of microchannels
HM Wyss, DL Blair, JF Morris, HA Stone, DA Weitz
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 74 (6 …, 2006
Force distributions in three-dimensional granular assemblies: Effects of packing order and interparticle friction
DL Blair, NW Mueggenburg, AH Marshall, HM Jaeger, SR Nagel
Physical review E 63 (4), 041304, 2001
Vortices in vibrated granular rods
DL Blair, T Neicu, A Kudrolli
Physical Review E 67 (3), 031303, 2003
Rheological signature of frictional interactions in shear thickening suspensions
JR Royer, DL Blair, SD Hudson
Physical review letters 116 (18), 188301, 2016
Geometry of crumpled paper
DL Blair, A Kudrolli
Physical review letters 94 (16), 166107, 2005
The matlab particle tracking code repository
D Blair, E Dufresne
Particle-tracking code available at http://physics. georgetown. edu/matlab, 2008
Robust Organogels from Nitrogen-Containing Derivatives of (R)-12-Hydroxystearic Acid as Gelators: Comparisons with Gels from Stearic Acid Derivatives
VA Mallia, M George, DL Blair, RG Weiss
Langmuir 25 (15), 8615-8625, 2009
Rheology of peptide‐and protein‐based physical hydrogels: Are everyday measurements just scratching the surface?
S Sathaye, A Mbi, C Sonmez, Y Chen, DL Blair, JP Schneider, DJ Pochan
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 7 (1), 34-68, 2015
Cyclic hardening in bundled actin networks
KM Schmoller, P Fernandez, RC Arevalo, DL Blair, AR Bausch
Nature communications 1 (1), 134, 2010
Size-dependent rheology of type-I collagen networks
RC Arevalo, JS Urbach, DL Blair
Biophysical journal 99 (8), L65-L67, 2010
Rheology and microrheology of a microstructured fluid: The gellan gum case
M Caggioni, PT Spicer, DL Blair, SE Lindberg, DA Weitz
Journal of Rheology 51 (5), 851-865, 2007
Electrostatically driven granular media: phase transitions and coarsening
IS Aranson, D Blair, VA Kalatsky, GW Crabtree, WK Kwok, VM Vinokur, ...
Physical review letters 84 (15), 3306, 2000
Velocity correlations in dense granular gases
DL Blair, A Kudrolli
Physical Review E 64 (5), 050301, 2001
Collision statistics of driven granular materials
DL Blair, A Kudrolli
Physical Review E 67 (4), 041301, 2003
Clustering transitions in vibrofluidized magnetized granular materials
DL Blair, A Kudrolli
Physical Review E 67 (2), 021302, 2003
Silk fibroin degradation related to rheological and mechanical properties
BP Partlow, AP Tabatabai, GG Leisk, P Cebe, DL Blair, DL Kaplan
Macromolecular bioscience 16 (5), 666-675, 2016
Direct visualization of shear dependent silk fibrillogenesis
C Holland, JS Urbach, DL Blair
Soft Matter 8 (9), 2590-2594, 2012
Localized stress fluctuations drive shear thickening in dense suspensions
V Rathee, DL Blair, JS Urbach
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (33), 8740-8745, 2017
Development of a confocal rheometer for soft and biological materials
SK Dutta, A Mbi, RC Arevalo, DL Blair
Review of scientific instruments 84 (6), 2013
Patterns in thin vibrated granular layers: Interfaces, hexagons, and superoscillons
D Blair, IS Aranson, GW Crabtree, V Vinokur, LS Tsimring, C Josserand
Physical Review E 61 (5), 5600, 2000
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