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Aurelien Villani
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Coupled glide-climb diffusion-enhanced crystal plasticity
MGD Geers, M Cottura, B Appolaire, EP Busso, S Forest, A Villani
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 70, 136-153, 2014
Nearly uniform sampling of crystal orientations
R Quey, A Villani, C Maurice
Journal of Applied Crystallography 51 (4), 1162-1173, 2018
Field dislocation mechanics for heterogeneous elastic materials: a numerical spectral approach
KS Djaka, A Villani, V Taupin, L Capolungo, S Berbenni
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 315, 921-942, 2017
A fully coupled diffusional-mechanical formulation: numerical implementation, analytical validation, and effects of plasticity on equilibrium
A Villani, EP Busso, K Ammar, S Forest, MGD Geers
Archive of applied mechanics 84, 1647-1664, 2014
Strong thermal transport along polycrystalline transition metal dichalcogenides revealed by multiscale modeling for MoS2
B Mortazavi, R Quey, A Ostadhossein, A Villani, N Moulin, ACT van Duin, ...
Applied Materials Today 7, 67-76, 2017
High strain rate micro-compression for crystal plasticity constitutive law parameters identification
S Breumier, S Sao-Joao, A Villani, M Lévesque, G Kermouche
Materials & Design 193, 108789, 2020
Field theory and diffusion creep predictions in polycrystalline aggregates
A Villani, EP Busso, S Forest
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 23 (5), 055006, 2015
Effect of crystal orientation on indentation-induced residual stress field: Simulation and experimental validation
S Breumier, A Villani, C Maurice, M Lévesque, G Kermouche
Materials & Design 169, 107659, 2019
Kinematic hardening characterization: Applications to solid expandable tubulars
J Durivault, J Bernard, E Desdoit, AS Bureau-Bayart, A Villani
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition?, SPE-135389-MS, 2010
Controlled single and repeated impact testing for material plastic behaviour characterisation under high strain rates
S Breumier, F Trudeau‐Lalonde, T Lafrance, E Robert, A Villani, ...
Strain 57 (6), e12399, 2021
Modeling creep behaviour of boiler grade steels-Application to grade 92 steel
E Cini, E Desdoit, A Villani, J Besson
Procedia Engineering 55, 735-741, 2013
Complementarity of impact shot displacements and induced residual stress fields for a reliable estimation of crystal viscoplasticity parameters
S Breumier, F Richard, C Maurice, A Villani, G Kermouche, M Lévesque
Towards quantitative crystal plasticity model validation using experimental in-plane deformation maps
N Bieberdorf, V Roytershteyn, A Villani, V Taupin, L Capolungo, ...
Experimental Mechanics 62 (1), 101-115, 2022
Oxidation-assisted Cracking
B Ter-Ovanessian, A Villani, É Andrieu, S Forest
Mechanics-Microstructure-Corrosion Coupling, 339-358, 2019
A multi-physics modelling framework to describe the behaviour of nano-scale multilayer systems undergoing irradiation damage
A Villani
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, 2015
Combining phase field modeling and deep learning for accurate modeling of grain structure in solidification
A Herbeaux, H Aboleinein, A Villani, C Maurice, JM Bergheau, H Klöcker
Additive Manufacturing 81, 103994, 2024
Mesure de contraintes résiduelles par micro-pilier et corrélation d’image: classification de speckles synthétiques et d’états de surface
A Villani, C Maurice, G Kermouche
Matériaux 2022, 2022
Nanomechanical testing for crystal plasticity constitutive framework identification at high strain rates
S Breumier, S Sao-Joao, A Villani, J Baltazar, M Lévesque, G Kermouche
Grain boundaries in Field Dislocation Mechanics: a thermodynamic formulation for the tangential continuity condition of distortion at the interface
V Taupin, A Villani, L Capolungo
International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling, 2016
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