Brandon Peoples
Brandon Peoples
Associate Professor, Clemson University
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Twitter Predicts Citation Rates of Ecological Research
BK Peoples, SR Midway, D Sackett, A Lynch, PB Cooney
PLOS ONE 11 (11), e0166570, 2016
Feeding ecology of generalist consumers: a case study of invasive blue catfish Ictalurus furcatus in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA
JD Schmitt, BK Peoples, L Castello, DJ Orth
Environmental Biology of Fishes 102, 443-465, 2019
Positive biotic interactions in freshwaters: A review and research directive
S Silknetter, RP Creed, BL Brown, EA Frimpong, J Skelton, BK Peoples
Freshwater Biology 65 (4), 811-832, 2020
Biotic interactions and habitat drive positive co‐occurrence between facilitating and beneficiary stream fishes
BK Peoples, EA Frimpong
Journal of Biogeography 43 (5), 923-931, 2016
COVID-19 influences on US recreational angler behavior
SR Midway, AJ Lynch, BK Peoples, M Dance, R Caffey
PloS one 16 (8), e0254652, 2021
Bluehead chub nesting activity: a potential mechanism of population persistence in degraded stream habitats
BK Peoples, MB Tainer, EA Frimpong
Environmental biology of fishes 90 (4), 379-391, 2011
The strength of Nocomis nest association contributes to patterns of rarity and commonness among New River, Virginia cyprinids
RM Pendleton, JJ Pritt, BK Peoples, EA Frimpong
The American Midland Naturalist 168 (1), 202-217, 2012
Lotic cyprinid communities can be structured as nest webs and predicted by the stress‐gradient hypothesis
BK Peoples, LA Blanc, EA Frimpong
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (6), 1666-1677, 2015
Among-pass, interregional, and single-versus multiple-season comparisons of detection probabilities of stream fishes
BK Peoples, EA Frimpong
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 140 (1), 67-83, 2011
Nesting habitat use by River Chubs in a hydrologically variable Appalachian tailwater
BK Peoples, RA McManamay, DJ Orth, EA Frimpong
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 23 (2), 283-293, 2014
Isolating Causal Pathways between Flow and Fish in the Regulated River Hierarchy
RA McManamay, BK Peoples, DJ Orth, CA Dolloff, DC Matthews
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 2015
Evidence of mutual benefits of nest association among freshwater cyprinids and implications for conservation
BK Peoples, EA Frimpong
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 23 (6), 911-923, 2013
Landscape-scale drivers of fish faunal homogenization and differentiation in the eastern United States
BK Peoples, AJS Davis, SR Midway, JD Olden, L Stoczynski
Hydrobiologia 847 (18), 3727-3741, 2020
Identifying Environmental Cues for Atlantic Sturgeon and Shortnose Sturgeon Spawning Migrations in the Savannah River
JR Vine, SC Holbrook, WC Post, BK Peoples
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 148 (3), 671-681, 2019
Quantifying flow–ecology relationships across flow regime class and ecoregions in South Carolina
LM Bower, BK Peoples, MC Eddy, MC Scott
Science of The Total Environment 802, 149721, 2022
Context‐dependent outcomes in a reproductive mutualism between two freshwater fish species
BK Peoples, EA Frimpong
Ecology and Evolution 6 (4), 1214-1223, 2016
Nesting microhabitat comparison of Central stoneroller and Bluehead chub: potential inference for host-switching by nest associates
BK Peoples, SP Floyd Jr, EA Frimpong
Journal of Freshwater Ecology 31 (2), 251-259, 2016
Species-diagnostic SNP markers for the black basses (Micropterus spp.): a new tool for black bass conservation and management
W Thongda, M Lewis, H Zhao, B Bowen, DJ Lutz-Carrillo, BK Peoples, ...
Conservation Genetics Resources 12, 319-328, 2020
Fishing pressure and species traits affect stream fish invasions both directly and indirectly
BK Peoples, SR Midway
Diversity and Distributions 24 (8), 1158-1168, 2018
Recognizing gape limitation and interannual variability in bluehead chub nesting microhabitat use in a small Virginia stream
C Bolton, BK Peoples, EA Frimpong
Journal of Freshwater Ecology 30 (4), 503-511, 2015
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