Arvind Kumar
Arvind Kumar
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
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Flameless combustion with liquid fuel: A review focusing on fundamentals and gas turbine application
F Xing, A Kumar, Y Huang, S Chan, C Ruan, S Gu, X Fan
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Call for contributions to a numerical benchmark problem for 2D columnar solidification of binary alloys
M Bellet, H Combeau, Y Fautrelle, D Gobin, M Rady, E Arquis, ...
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Numerical and experimental analysis of the effect of volumetric energy absorption in powder layer on thermal-fluidic transport in selective laser melting of Ti6Al4V
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Friction and wear durability study of epoxy-based polymer (SU-8) composite coatings with talc and graphite as fillers
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Performance evaluation of nano-enhanced phase change materials during discharge stage in waste heat recovery
V Soni, A Kumar, VK Jain
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Selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel: physics of melting mode transition and its influence on microstructural and mechanical behavior
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Effects of mould filling on evolution of the solid–liquid interface during solidification
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Modeling of PCM melting: Analysis of discrepancy between numerical and experimental results and energy storage performance
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Study of impingement of hollow ZrO 2 droplets onto a substrate
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Modeling of transport phenomena in continuous casting of non-dendritic billets
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Effect of humidity on the synergy of friction and wear properties in ternary epoxy-graphene-MoS2 composites
RK Upadhyay, A Kumar
Carbon 146, 717-727, 2019
Epoxy-graphene-MoS2 composites with improved tribological behavior under dry sliding contact
RK Upadhyay, A Kumar
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Analysis of a numerical benchmark for columnar solidification of binary alloys
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A novel approach to minimize dry sliding friction and wear behavior of epoxy by infusing fullerene C70 and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
RK Upadhyay, A Kumar
Tribology International 120, 455-464, 2018
Role of impinging powder particles on melt pool hydrodynamics, thermal behaviour and microstructure in laser-assisted DED process: A particle-scale DEM–CFD–CA approach
A Aggarwal, A Chouhan, S Patel, DK Yadav, A Kumar, AR Vinod, ...
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Effect of TiB2 addition on wear behavior of (AlCrFeMnV) 90Bi10 high entropy alloy composite
S Yadav, A Aggrawal, A Kumar, K Biswas
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Experimental and numerical study of thermal field and weld bead characteristics in submerged arc welded plate
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Journal of Materials Processing Technology 248, 262-274, 2017
Fast waste heat recovery in 100–150 C using close-contact charging of nano-enhanced PCM composite
V Soni, A Kumar, VK Jain
Journal of Molecular Liquids 285, 347-361, 2019
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