Bei Xiao
Bei Xiao
Associate Professor, American University
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Bayesian model of human color constancy
DH Brainard, P Longère, PB Delahunt, WT Freeman, JM Kraft, B Xiao
Journal of vision 6 (11), 10-10, 2006
Use of commercial off-the-shelf digital cameras for scientific data acquisition and scene-specific color calibration
D Akkaynak, T Treibitz, B Xiao, UA Gürkan, JJ Allen, U Demirci, ...
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Estimating the material properties of fabric from video
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Surface gloss and color perception of 3D objects
B Xiao, DH Brainard
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Looking against the light: How perception of translucency depends on lighting direction
B Xiao, B Walter, I Gkioulekas, T Zickler, E Adelson, K Bala
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Understanding the role of phase function in translucent appearance
I Gkioulekas, B Xiao, S Zhao, EH Adelson, T Zickler, K Bala
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Can you see what you feel? Color and folding properties affect visual–tactile material discrimination of fabrics
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Estimating mechanical properties of cloth from videos using dense motion trajectories: Human psychophysics and machine learning
W Bi, P Jin, H Nienborg, B Xiao
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Perceptual constancy of mechanical properties of cloth under variation of external forces
W Bi, B Xiao
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The color constancy of three-dimensional objects
B Xiao, B Hurst, L MacIntyre, DH Brainard
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RenderToolbox3: MATLAB tools that facilitate physically based stimulus rendering for vision research
BS Heasly, NP Cottaris, DP Lichtman, B Xiao, DH Brainard
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Towards more accurate uncertainty estimation in text classification
J He, X Zhang, S Lei, Z Chen, F Chen, A Alhamadani, B Xiao, CT Lu
Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language …, 2020
Effect of geometric sharpness on translucent material perception
B Xiao, S Zhao, I Gkioulekas, W Bi, K Bala
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Color perception of 3D objects: Constancy with respect to variation of surface gloss
B Xiao, DH Brainard
Proceedings of the 3rd symposium on Applied perception in graphics and …, 2006
Manipulating patterns of dynamic deformation elicits the impression of cloth with varying stiffness
W Bi, P Jin, H Nienborg, B Xiao
Journal of vision 19 (5), 18-18, 2019
Visual communication of how fabrics feel
MWA Wijntjes, B Xiao, R Volcic
Journal of vision 19 (2), 4-4, 2019
Measurements of long-range suppression in human opponent S-cone and achromatic luminance channels
B Xiao, AR Wade
Journal of vision 10 (13), 10-10, 2010
Crystal or jelly? Effect of color on the perception of translucent materials with photographs of real-world objects
C Liao, M Sawayama, B Xiao
Journal of Vision 22 (2), 6-6, 2022
Color Constancy
B Xiao
Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology, Editors, Renzo Shamey …, 2020
Unsupervised learning reveals interpretable latent representations for translucency perception
C Liao, M Sawayama, B Xiao
Plos Computational Biology 19 (2), e1010878, 2023
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