Nicholas DiRienzo
Nicholas DiRienzo
Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
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Predator-induced changes in the boldness of naïve field crickets, Gryllus integer, depends on behavioural type
PT Niemelä, N DiRienzo, AV Hedrick
Animal Behaviour 84 (1), 129-135, 2012
Juvenile exposure to acoustic sexual signals from conspecifics alters growth trajectory and an adult personality trait
N DiRienzo, JN Pruitt, AV Hedrick
Animal Behaviour 84 (4), 861-868, 2012
The combined behavioural tendencies of predator and prey mediate the outcome of their interaction
N DiRienzo, JN Pruitt, AV Hedrick
Animal Behaviour 86 (2), 317-322, 2013
Assessing the effects of rearing environment, natural selection, and developmental stage on the emergence of a behavioral syndrome
K Sweeney, RDH Gadd, ZL Hess, DR McDermott, L MacDonald, P Cotter, ...
Ethology 119 (5), 436-447, 2013
The contribution of developmental experience vs. condition to life history, trait variation and individual differences
N DiRienzo, PO Montiglio
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (4), 915-926, 2016
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Individual-and condition-dependent effects on habitat choice and choosiness
JN Pruitt, N DiRienzo, S Kralj-Fišer, JC Johnson, A Sih
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 65, 1987-1995, 2011
Juvenile pathogen exposure affects the presence of personality in adult field crickets
N DiRienzo, PT Niemelae, A Skog, A Vainikka, R Kortet
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3, 36, 2015
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Prolonged food restriction decreases body condition and reduces repeatability in personality traits in web-building spiders
JLL Lichtenstein, N DiRienzo, K Knutson, C Kuo, KC Zhao, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 70, 1793-1803, 2016
Linking consistent individual differences in web structure and behavior in black widow spiders
N DiRienzo, PO Montiglio
Behavioral Ecology 27 (5), 1424-1431, 2016
Plasticity in extended phenotype increases offspring defence despite individual variation in web structure and behaviour
N DiRienzo, H Aonuma
Animal behaviour 138, 9-17, 2018
Adult bacterial exposure increases behavioral variation and drives higher repeatability in field crickets
N DiRienzo, PT Niemelä, AV Hedrick, R Kortet
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 70, 1941-1947, 2016
Temnothorax rugatulus ant colonies consistently vary in nest structure across time and context
N DiRienzo, A Dornhaus
PloS one 12 (6), e0177598, 2017
There’s no place like home: the contribution of direct and extended phenotypes on the expression of spider aggressiveness
PO Montiglio, N DiRienzo
Behavioral Ecology, arw094, 2016
Boldness is influenced by sublethal interactions with predators and is associated with successful harem infiltration in Madagascar hissing cockroaches
DR McDermott, MJ Chips, M McGuirk, F Armagost, N DiRienzo, JN Pruitt
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 68, 425-435, 2014
Four ways in which data-free papers on animal personality fail to be impactful
N DiRienzo, PO Montiglio
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3, 23, 2015
Behavioural hypervolumes of spider communities predict community performance and disbandment
JN Pruitt, DI Bolnick, A Sih, N DiRienzo, N Pinter-Wollman
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1844), 20161409, 2016
Game of webs: species and web structure influence contest outcome in black widow spiders
C Jones, L Pollack, N DiRienzo
Behavioral Ecology 31 (1), 32-42, 2020
Testing the effects of biogenic amines and alternative topical solvent types on the behavioral repertoire of two web‐building spiders
N DiRienzo, DR McDermott, JN Pruitt
Ethology 121 (8), 801-812, 2015
Juvenile social experience generates differences in behavioral variation but not averages
N DiRienzo, JC Johnson, A Dornhaus
Behavioral Ecology 30 (2), 455-464, 2019
Individual differences are consistent across changes in mating status and mediated by biogenic amines
N DiRienzo, H Aonuma
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71, 1-12, 2017
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