Dong-Uk Hwang (D.-U. Hwang)
Dong-Uk Hwang (D.-U. Hwang)
National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
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Complex networks: Structure and dynamics
S Boccaletti, V Latora, Y Moreno, M Chavez, DU Hwang
Physics reports 424 (4-5), 175-308, 2006
Synchronization is enhanced in weighted complex networks
M Chavez, DU Hwang, A Amann, HGE Hentschel, S Boccaletti
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Synchronization in complex networks with age ordering
DU Hwang, M Chavez, A Amann, S Boccaletti
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Synchronization in dynamical networks: Evolution along commutative graphs
S Boccaletti, DU Hwang, M Chavez, A Amann, J Kurths, LM Pecora
Physical Review E 74 (1), 016102, 2006
Neural dynamics of two players when using nonverbal cues to gauge intentions to cooperate during the Prisoner's Dilemma Game
J Jahng, JD Kralik, DU Hwang, J Jeong
NeuroImage 157, 263-274, 2017
Synchronizing weighted complex networks
M Chavez, DU Hwang, A Amann, S Boccaletti
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 16 (1), 2006
Chaotic transition of random dynamical systems and chaos synchronization by common noises
S Rim, DU Hwang, I Kim, CM Kim
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Granger causality relationships between local field potentials in an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy
AJ Cadotte, TB DeMarse, TH Mareci, MB Parekh, SS Talathi, DU Hwang, ...
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Degree mixing and the enhancement of synchronization in complex weighted networks
M Chavez, DU Hwang, J Martinerie, S Boccaletti
Physical Review E 74 (6), 066107, 2006
Circadian control of neural excitability in an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy
SS Talathi, DU Hwang, WL Ditto, T Mareci, H Sepulveda, M Spano, ...
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Spike timing dependent plasticity promotes synchrony of inhibitory networks in the presence of heterogeneity
SS Talathi, DU Hwang, WL Ditto
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 25, 262-281, 2008
Method and system for detecting epileptogenesis
SS Talathi, DU Hwang, WL Ditto, PR Carney, M Spano
US Patent 8,447,407, 2013
Non-parametric early seizure detection in an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy
SS Talathi, DU Hwang, ML Spano, J Simonotto, MD Furman, SM Myers, ...
Journal of Neural Engineering 5 (1), 85, 2008
Temporal lobe epilepsy: anatomical and effective connectivity
AJ Cadotte, TH Mareci, TB DeMarse, MB Parekh, R Rajagovindan, ...
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Thresholds for epidemic outbreaks in finite scale-free networks
DU Hwang, S Boccaletti, Y Moreno, R Lopez-Ruiz
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2 (2), 317-327, 2005
Functional network organizations of two contrasting temperament groups in dimensions of novelty seeking and harm avoidance
S Kyeong, E Kim, HJ Park, DU Hwang
Brain Research 1575, 33-44, 2014
Exceptional points in coupled dissipative dynamical systems
JW Ryu, WS Son, DU Hwang, SY Lee, SW Kim
Physical Review E 91 (5), 052910, 2015
Growing hierarchical scale-free networks by means of nonhierarchical processes
S Boccaletti, DU Hwang, V Latora
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 17 (07), 2447-2452, 2007
Predicting synchrony in heterogeneous pulse coupled oscillators
SS Talathi, DU Hwang, A Miliotis, PR Carney, WL Ditto
Physical Review E 80 (2), 021908, 2009
Synchronization processes in complex networks
M Chavez, DU Hwang, S Boccaletti
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 146 (1), 129-144, 2007
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