Blaz Fortuna
Blaz Fortuna
Qlector Ltd; Jozef Stefan Institute
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Semi-automatic construction of topic ontologies
B Fortuna, D Mladenič, M Grobelnik
Semantics, web and mining, 121-131, 2005
Triplet extraction from sentences
D Rusu, L Dali, B Fortuna, M Grobelnik, D Mladenic
Proceedings of the 10th International Multiconference” Information Society …, 2007
Visualization of text document corpus
B Fortuna, M Grobelnik, D Mladenic
Informatica 29 (4), 2005
Ontogen: Semi-automatic ontology editor
B Fortuna, M Grobelnik, D Mladenic
Symposium on Human Interface and the Management of Information, 309-318, 2007
Data sparsity issues in the collaborative filtering framework
M Grčar, D Mladenič, B Fortuna, M Grobelnik
International workshop on knowledge discovery on the web, 58-76, 2005
Event registry: learning about world events from news
G Leban, B Fortuna, J Brank, M Grobelnik
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on World Wide Web, 107-110, 2014
kNN versus SVM in the collaborative filtering framework
M Grčar, B Fortuna, D Mladenič, M Grobelnik
Data Science and Classification, 251-260, 2006
Semantic graphs derived from triplets pplicwith aation in document summarization
D Rusu, B Fortuna, M Grobelnik, D Mladenić
Informatica 33 (3), 2009
News across languages-cross-lingual document similarity and event tracking
J Rupnik, A Muhic, G Leban, P Skraba, B Fortuna, M Grobelnik
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 55, 283-316, 2016
Extracting named entities and relating them over time based on Wikipedia
A Bhole, B Fortuna, M Grobelnik, D Mladenic
Informatica 31 (4), 2007
Real-time news recommender system
B Fortuna, C Fortuna, D Mladenić
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …, 2010
A service oriented framework for natural language text enrichment
T Štajner, D Rusu, L Dali, B Fortuna, D Mladenić, M Grobelnik
Informatica 34 (3), 2010
Detection of bias in media outlets with statistical learning methods
B Fortuna, C Galleguillos, N Cristianini
Text Mining, 57-80, 2009
Question answering based on semantic graphs
L Dali, D Rusu, B Fortuna, D Mladenic, M Grobelnik
Proceedings of the workshop on semantic search (sem-search 2009), 2009
Query-independent learning to rank for rdf entity search
L Dali, B Fortuna, TT Duc, D Mladenić
Extended Semantic Web Conference, 484-498, 2012
Social tagging behaviour in community-driven question answering
EM Rodrigues, N Milic-Frayling, B Fortuna
2008 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and …, 2008
Document visualization based on semantic graphs
D Rusu, B Fortuna, D Mladenic, M Grobelnik, R Sipoš
2009 13th International Conference Information Visualisation, 292-297, 2009
Improving the classification of newsgroup messages through social network analysis
B Fortuna, EM Rodrigues, N Milic-Frayling
Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on Conference on information and …, 2007
Advancing topic ontology learning through term extraction
B Fortuna, N Lavrač, P Velardi
Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 626-635, 2008
The use of machine translation tools for cross-lingual text mining
B Fortuna, J Shawe-Taylor
Proceedings of the ICML Workshop on Learning with Multiple Views, 2005
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