Michel Renou
Michel Renou
Retired senior scientist at INRAE
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Imidacloprid impairs memory and brain metabolism in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.)
A Decourtye, C Armengaud, M Renou, J Devillers, S Cluzeau, M Gauthier, ...
Pesticide biochemistry and physiology 78 (2), 83-92, 2004
Insect odorscapes: from plant volatiles to natural olfactory scenes
L Conchou, P Lucas, C Meslin, M Proffit, M Staudt, M Renou
Frontiers in physiology 10, 466154, 2019
Insect parapheromones in olfaction research and semiochemical-based pest control strategies
M Renou, A Guerrero
Annual review of entomology 45 (1), 605-630, 2000
Male-produced aggregation pheromone of the American palm weevil, Rhynchophorus palmarum (L.)(Coleoptera, Curculionidae): Collection, identification, electrophysiogical activity …
D Rochat, C Malosse, M Lettere, PH Ducrot, P Zagatti, M Renou, ...
Journal of Chemical Ecology 17 (11), 2127-2141, 1991
Characterization of an antennal carboxylesterase from the pest moth Spodoptera littoralis degrading a host plant odorant
N Durand, G Carot-Sans, T Chertemps, F Bozzolan, V Party, M Renou, ...
Plos one 5 (11), e15026, 2010
Hormonal control of pheromone responsiveness in the male black cutwormAgrotis ipsilon
C Gadenne, M Renou, L Sreng
Experientia 49, 721-724, 1993
Structure and function of the antennal sensilla of the palm weevil Rhynchophorus palmarum (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)
I Saïd, D Tauban, M Renou, K Mori, D Rochat
Journal of Insect Physiology 49 (9), 857-872, 2003
Biogenic amines modulate olfactory receptor neurons firing activity in Mamestra brassicae
X Grosmaitre, F Marion-Poll, M Renou
Chemical Senses 26 (6), 653-661, 2001
Plant terpenes affect intensity and temporal parameters of pheromone detection in a moth
V Party, C Hanot, I Said, D Rochat, M Renou
Chemical Senses 34 (9), 763-774, 2009
Identification of compounds from the eggs of Ostrinia nubilalis and Mamestra brassicae having kairomone activity on Trichogramma brassicae
M Renou, P Nagnan, A Berthier, C Durier
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 63 (3), 291-303, 1992
Insect olfactory communication in a complex and changing world
M Renou, S Anton
Current opinion in insect science 42, 1-7, 2020
The influence of substrate on male responsiveness to the female calling song in Nezara viridula
N Miklas, N Stritih, A Čokl, M Virant-Doberlet, M Renou
Journal of Insect Behavior 14, 313-332, 2001
Bisabolene epoxides in sex pheromone innezara viridula (L.) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae): Role ofcis isomer and relation to specificity of pheromone
P Brézot, C Malosse, K Mori, M Renou
Journal of Chemical Ecology 20, 3133-3147, 1994
Asymmetrical generalisation between pheromonal and floral odours in appetitive olfactory conditioning of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.)
J Sandoz, M Pham-Delègue, M Renou, L Wadhams
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 187, 559-568, 2001
The use of the sex pheromone as an evolutionary solution to food source selection in caterpillars
E Poivet, K Rharrabe, C Monsempes, N Glaser, D Rochat, M Renou, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1047, 2012
Male Aggregation Pheromone of Date Palm Fruit Stalk Borer Oryctes elegans
D Rochat, K Mohammadpoor, C Malosse, A Avand-Faghih, M Lettere, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 30, 387-407, 2004
Pheromones and general odor perception in insects
M Renou
Neurobiology of chemical communication 1, 23-56, 2014
Activity of male pheromone of Melanesian rhinoceros beetle Scapanes australis
D Rochat, JP Morin, T Kakul, L Beaudoin-Ollivier, R Prior, M Renou, ...
Journal of Chemical Ecology 28, 479-500, 2002
Systematic synthesis of multifluorinated α, α-difluoro-γ-lactones through intramolecular radical cyclization
T Itoh, K Sakabe, K Kudo, H Ohara, Y Takagi, H Kihara, P Zagatti, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 64 (1), 252-265, 1999
Male bugs modulate pheromone emission in response to vibratory signals from conspecifics
N Miklas, T Lasnier, M Renou
Journal of chemical ecology 29, 561-574, 2003
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