Robert Heinsohn
Robert Heinsohn
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Declining body size: a third universal response to warming?
JL Gardner, A Peters, MR Kearney, L Joseph, R Heinsohn
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Animal personality: what are behavioural ecologists measuring?
AJ Carter, WE Feeney, HH Marshall, G Cowlishaw, R Heinsohn
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Complex cooperative strategies in group-territorial African lions
R Heinsohn, C Packer
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Online localization of radio-tagged wildlife with an autonomous aerial robot system
OM Cliff, R Fitch, S Sukkarieh, DL Saunders, R Heinsohn
Robotics: Science and Systems, 2015
The cost of helping
R Heinsohn, S Legge
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 14 (2), 53-57, 1999
Extreme reversed sexual dichromatism in a bird without sex role reversal
R Heinsohn, S Legge, JA Endler
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Ecological and socio-economic factors affecting extinction risk in parrots
G Olah, SHM Butchart, A Symes, IM Guzmán, R Cunningham, ...
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How not to measure boldness: novel object and antipredator responses are not the same in wild baboons
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Boldness, trappability and sampling bias in wild lizards
AJ Carter, R Heinsohn, AW Goldizen, PA Biro
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Slow learning of foraging skills and extended parental care in cooperatively breeding white-winged choughs
RG Heinsohn
The American Naturalist 137 (6), 864-881, 1991
Visual mimicry of host nestlings by cuckoos
NE Langmore, M Stevens, G Maurer, R Heinsohn, ML Hall, A Peters, ...
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Helping is costly to young birds in cooperatively breeding white-winged choughs
R Heinsohn, A Cockburn
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Social networks created with different techniques are not comparable
M Castles, R Heinsohn, HH Marshall, AEG Lee, G Cowlishaw, AJ Carter
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Shifting latitudinal clines in avian body size correlate with global warming in Australian passerines
JL Gardner, R Heinsohn, L Joseph
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Extreme bias in sex allocation in Eclectusparrots
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Parental care, load-lightening, and costs
RG Heinsohn
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Brood parasitism and the evolution of cooperative breeding in birds
WE Feeney, I Medina, M Somveille, R Heinsohn, ML Hall, RA Mulder, ...
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Cooperative enhancement of reproductive success in white-winged choughs
RG Heinsohn
Evolutionary Ecology 6, 97-114, 1992
Unsustainable harvest of dugongs in Torres Strait and Cape York (Australia) waters: two case studies using population viability analysis
R Heinsohn, RC Lacy, DB Lindenmayer, H Marsh, D Kwan, IR Lawler
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Experimental manipulation of brood reduction and parental care in cooperatively breeding white-winged choughs
CRJ Boland, R Heinsohn, A Cockburn
Journal of Animal Ecology, 683-691, 1997
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