Gildas Guillemot
Gildas Guillemot
CEMEF, Mines Paris PSL
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Three-dimensional finite element thermomechanical modeling of additive manufacturing by selective laser melting for ceramic materials
Q Chen, G Guillemot, CA Gandin, M Bellet
Additive Manufacturing 16, 124-137, 2017
Three-dimensional cellular automaton-finite element modeling of solidification grain structures for arc-welding processes
S Chen, G Guillemot, CA Gandin
Acta materialia 115, 448-467, 2016
The corrosion protection behaviour of zinc rich epoxy paint in 3% NaCl solution
N Hammouda, H Chadli, G Guillemot, K Belmokre
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science 1 (02), 51, 2011
Numerical modelling of the impact of energy distribution and Marangoni surface tension on track shape in selective laser melting of ceramic material
Q Chen, G Guillemot, CA Gandin, M Bellet
additive manufacturing 21, 713-723, 2018
Modeling of macrosegregation and solidification grain structures with a coupled cellular automaton—Finite element model
G Guillemot, CA Gandin, H Combeau
ISIJ international 46 (6), 880-895, 2006
Interaction between single grain solidification and macrosegregation: Application of a cellular automaton—Finite element model
G Guillemot, CA Gandin, M Bellet
Journal of Crystal Growth 303 (1), 58-68, 2007
A review of microstructural changes occurring during FSW in aluminium alloys and their modelling
D Jacquin, G Guillemot
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 288, 116706, 2021
Macroscopic thermal finite element modeling of additive metal manufacturing by selective laser melting process
Y Zhang, G Guillemot, M Bernacki, M Bellet
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 331, 514-535, 2018
Growth competition between columnar dendritic grains–Cellular automaton versus phase field modeling
A Pineau, G Guillemot, D Tourret, A Karma, CA Gandin
Acta Materialia 155, 286-301, 2018
Correlation between thermal properties and aluminum fractions in CrAlN layers deposited by PVD technique
B Tlili, N Mustapha, C Nouveau, Y Benlatreche, G Guillemot, M Lambertin
Vacuum 84 (9), 1067-1074, 2010
A multilayer model for describing hardness variations of aged porous silicon low-dielectric-constant thin films
K Rahmoun, A Iost, V Keryvin, G Guillemot, NEC Sari
Thin Solid Films 518 (1), 213-221, 2009
A new cellular automaton—finite element coupling scheme for alloy solidification
G Guillemot, CA Gandin, H Combeau, R Heringer
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 12 (3), 545, 2004
Boundary layer correlation for dendrite tip growth with fluid flow
CA Gandin, G Guillemot, B Appolaire, NT Niane
Materials Science and Engineering: A 342 (1-2), 44-50, 2003
3D coupled cellular automaton (CA)–finite element (FE) modeling for solidification grain structures in gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)
S Chen, G Guillemot, CA Gandin
ISIJ international 54 (2), 401-407, 2014
Impact of solute flow during directional solidification of a Ni-based alloy: In-situ and real-time X-radiography
G Reinhart, D Grange, L Abou-Khalil, N Mangelinck-Noël, NT Niane, ...
Acta Materialia 194, 68-79, 2020
A generic statistical methodology to predict the maximum pit depth of a localized corrosion process
A Jarrah, M Bigerelle, G Guillemot, D Najjar, A Iost, JM Nianga
Corrosion science 53 (8), 2453-2467, 2011
Numerical study of the impact of vaporisation on melt pool dynamics in Laser Powder Bed Fusion-Application to IN718 and Ti–6Al–4V
A Queva, G Guillemot, C Moriconi, C Metton, M Bellet
Additive Manufacturing 35, 101249, 2020
Numerical modelling of fluid and solid thermomechanics in additive manufacturing by powder-bed fusion: Continuum and level set formulation applied to track-and part-scale …
Y Zhang, Q Chen, G Guillemot, CA Gandin, M Bellet
Comptes Rendus Mécanique 346 (11), 1055-1071, 2018
Influence of process-induced microstructure on hardness of two Al–Si alloys
S Tabibian, E Charkaluk, A Constantinescu, G Guillemot, F Szmytka
Materials Science and Engineering: A 646, 190-200, 2015
A comparison of models for predicting the true hardness of thin films
A Iost, G Guillemot, Y Rudermann, M Bigerelle
Thin Solid Films 524, 229-237, 2012
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