Chung-Ping Lin
Chung-Ping Lin
Professor, Department of Life Science, National Taiwan Normal University
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How do insect nuclear and mitochondrial gene substitution patterns differ? Insights from Bayesian analyses of combined datasets
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Ultrastructure of dragonfly wing veins: composite structure of fibrous material supplemented by resilin
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How do insect nuclear ribosomal genes compare to protein‐coding genes in phylogenetic utility and nucleotide substitution patterns?
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Transmembrane Molecules for Phylogenetic Analyses of Pathogenic Protists: Leishmania-Specific Informative Sites in Hydrophilic Loops of Trans- Endoplasmic Reticulum …
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Social behaviour and life history of membracine treehoppers
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Molecular phylogenetics and evolution of maternal care in membracine treehoppers
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The complete mitochondrial genome and phylogenomics of a damselfly, Euphaea formosa support a basal Odonata within the Pterygota
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Insect form vision as one potential shaping force of spider web decoration design
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The functional significance of aposematic signals: geographic variation in the responses of widespread lizard predators to colourful invertebrate prey
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Parallel evolution of Batesian mimicry supergene in two Papilio butterflies, P. polytes and P. memnon
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Fungal and bacterial endosymbionts of eared leafhoppers of the subfamily Ledrinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)
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Diversification in subtropical mountains: Phylogeography, Pleistocene demographic expansion, and evolution of polyphenic mandibles in Taiwanese stag beetle, Lucanus formosanus
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Biomechanical strategies underlying the robust body armour of an aposematic weevil
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Lineage-specific late pleistocene expansion of an endemic subtropical gossamer-wing damselfly, Euphaea formosa, in Taiwan
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Too hard to swallow: A secret secondary defence of an aposematic insect
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Journal of Experimental Biology 221, doi: 10.1242/jeb.172486, 2018
Identification of doublesex alleles associated with the female-limited Batesian mimicry polymorphism in Papilio memnon
S Komata, CP Lin, T Iijima, H Fujiwara, T Sota
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-7, 2016
Morphometric and genetic differentiation of two sibling gossamer–wing damselflies, Euphaea formosa and E. yayeyamana, and adaptive trait divergence in …
YH Lee, CP Lin
Journal of Insect Science 12 (1), 53, 2012
Endocuticle sclerotisation increases the mechanical stability of cuticle
LY Wang, M Jafarpour, CP Lin, E Appel, SN Gorb, H Rajabi
Soft Matter 15 (41), 8272-8278, 2019
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