Florin Leon
Florin Leon
"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University Asachi of Iasi, Romania
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A Review of Tracking and Trajectory Prediction Methods for Autonomous Driving
F Leon, M Gavrilescu
Mathematics 9 (6), 660, 2021
Machine Learning Approaches for Anomaly Detection of Water Quality on a Real-World Data Set
F Muharemi, D Logofătu, F Leon
Journal of Information and Telecommunication 3 (3), 294-307, 2019
Evaluating the Effect of Voting Methods on Ensemble-Based Classification
F Leon, SA Floria, C Bădică
2017 IEEE international conference on INnovations in intelligent Systems and …, 2017
Experimental Analysis and Mathematical Prediction of Cd (II) Removal by Biosorption Using Support Vector Machines and Genetic Algorithms
RM Hlihor, M Diaconu, F Leon, S Curteanu, T Tavares, M Gavrilescu
New biotechnology 32 (3), 358-368, 2015
Overview of software agent platforms available in 2023
Z Wrona, W Buchwald, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, F Leon, N Noor, CV Pal
Information 14 (6), 348, 2023
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Stacked Neural Network Using an Evolutionary Hyper-Heuristic
R Furtuna, S Curteanu, F Leon
Applied Soft Computing 12 (1), 133-144, 2012
Agent-Based Simulation of Crowd Evacuation Behavior
MH Zaharia, F Leon, C Pal, G Pagu
11th WSEAS International Conference on Automatic Control, Modelling and …, 2009
Predicting Academic Performance Based on Learner Traces in a Social Learning Environment
E Popescu, F Leon
IEEE Access 6, 72774-72785, 2018
An Elitist Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm Enhanced with a Neural Network Applied to the Multi-Objective Optimization of a Polysiloxane Synthesis Process
R Furtuna, S Curteanu, F Leon
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence 24 (5), 772-785, 2011
Hybrid Neural Network Models Applied to a Free Radical Polymerization Process
S Curteanu, F Leon
Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 45 (9), 1013-1023, 2006
Demand Forecasting Using Random Forest and Artificial Neural Network for Supply Chain Management
N Vairagade, D Logofatu, F Leon, F Muharemi
Computational Collective Intelligence: 11th International Conference, ICCCI …, 2019
Modeling of Oxygen Mass Transfer in the Presence of Oxygen-Vectors Using Neural Networks Developed by Differential Evolution Algorithm
EN Dragoi, S Curteanu, F Leon, AI Galaction, D Cascaval
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 24 (7), 1214-1226, 2011
Alternatives for multiobjective optimization of a polymerization process
S Curteanu, F Leon, D Gâlea
Journal of applied polymer science 100 (5), 3680-3695, 2006
Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of new TiZr binary alloys by experiment and simulation based on regression model with incomplete data
D Mareci, D Sutiman, R Chelariu, F Leon, S Curteanu
Corrosion Science, Elsevier, vol. 73, pp. 106-122, 2013
Optimization strategy based on genetic algorithms and neural networks applied to a polymerization process
S Curteanu, F Leon
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 108 (4), 617-630, 2008
Approaches to building a detection model for water quality: a case study
F Muharemi, D Logofătu, C Andersson, F Leon
Modern approaches for intelligent information and database systems, 173-183, 2018
Brief survey of model-based reinforcement learning techniques
CV Pal, F Leon
2020 24th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing …, 2020
Postdisaster evacuation scenarios using multiagent system
G Bunea, F Leon, GM Atanasiu
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 30 (6), 05016002, 2016
Agent-based evacuation model considering field effects and government advice
JSE Teo, JD Schmöcker, F Leon, JYT Li, J Ji, G Atanasiu, E Taniguchi
Transportation research record 2532 (1), 129-140, 2015
Stacked Neural Network Modeling Applied to the Synthesis of Polyacrylamide Based Multicomponent Hydrogels
F Leon, CG Piuleac, S Curteanu
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 4, 591-598, 2010
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