Michelle D. Boone
Michelle D. Boone
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Confronting amphibian declines and extinctions
JR Mendelson III, KR Lips, RW Gagliardo, GB Rabb, JP Collins, ...
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MD Boone, RD Semlitsch
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MD Boone, RD Semlitsch
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MD Boone, CM Bridges
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Juvenile frogs compensate for small metamorph size with terrestrial growth: overcoming the effects of larval density and insecticide exposure
MD Boone
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MD Boone, RD Semlitsch, JF Fairchild, BB Rothermel
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MD Boone, CM Bridges, JF Fairchild, EE Little
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Effects of pesticides on amphibian populations
MD Boone, CM Bridges
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Examining the single and interactive effects of three insecticides on amphibian metamorphosis
MD Boone
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HJ Puglis, MD Boone
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Interactions of bullfrog tadpole predators and an insecticide: predation release and facilitation
MD Boone, RD Semlitsch
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Pesticide regulation amid the influence of industry
MD Boone, CA Bishop, LA Boswell, RD Brodman, J Burger, C Davidson, ...
BioScience 64 (10), 917-922, 2014
Effects of carbaryl on green frog (Rana clamitans) tadpoles: Timing of exposure versus multiple exposures
MD Boone, CM Bridges
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: An International Journal 22 (11 …, 2003
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MD Boone, DE Scott, PH Niewiarowski
Copeia 2002 (2), 511-517, 2002
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