Thomas E. White
Thomas E. White
ARC DECRA Fellow & Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney
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pavo 2: New tools for the spectral and spatial analysis of colour in r
R Maia, H Gruson, JA Endler, TE White
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International scientists formulate a roadmap for insect conservation and recovery
JA Harvey, R Heinen, I Armbrecht, Y Basset, JH Baxter-Gilbert, ...
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Deimatism: a neglected component of antipredator defence
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Comparing colors using visual models
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Signal design and courtship presentation coincide for highly biased delivery of an iridescent butterfly mating signal
TE White, J Zeil, DJ Kemp
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Macroecological patterns in flower colour are shaped by both biotic and abiotic factors.
RL Dalrymple, DJ Kemp, H Flores‐Moreno, SW Laffan, TE White, ...
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Structural colours reflect individual quality: a meta-analysis
TE White
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Reproducible research in the study of biological coloration
TE White, RL Dalrymple, DWA Noble, JC O’Hanlon, DB Zurek, ...
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A new ecosystem for evidence synthesis
S Nakagawa, AG Dunn, M Lagisz, A Bannach-Brown, EM Grames, ...
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Package ‘pavo’
TE White, C Eliason, PP Bitton, R Maia
The Comprehensive R Archive Network, 2016
Sexual signals for the colour‐blind: cryptic female mantids signal quality through brightness
KL Barry, TE White, DN Rathnayake, SA Fabricant, ME Herberstein
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Birds, butterflies and flowers in the tropics are not more colourful than those at higher latitudes
RL Dalrymple, DJ Kemp, H Flores‐Moreno, SW Laffan, TE White, ...
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Colour polymorphism
TE White, DJ Kemp
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Technicolour deceit: a sensory basis for the study of colour-based lures
TE White, DJ Kemp
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Abiotic and biotic predictors of macroecological patterns in bird and butterfly coloration
RL Dalrymple, H Flores‐Moreno, DJ Kemp, TE White, SW Laffan, ...
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Limited understanding of bushfire impacts on Australian invertebrates
ME Saunders, PS Barton, JRM Bickerstaff, L Frost, T Latty, BD Lessard, ...
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A synthesis of deimatic behaviour
E Drinkwater, WL Allen, JA Endler, RT Hanlon, G Holmes, NT Homziak, ...
Biological Reviews, 2022
Color polymorphic lures target different visual channels in prey
TE White, DJ Kemp
Evolution 70 (6), 1398-1408, 2016
Consistent shifts in pollinator‐relevant floral colouration along Rocky Mountain elevation gradients
M Gray, MJ Stansberry, JS Lynn, CF Williams, TE White, KD Whitney
Journal of Ecology, 2018
The perceptual similarity of orb-spider prey lures and flower colours
TE White, RL Dalrymple, ME Herberstein, DJ Kemp
Evolutionary Ecology 31 (1), 1-20, 2017
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