Roland Arsenault
Roland Arsenault
Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, University of New Hampshire
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‘Megapclicks’: acoustic click trains and buzzes produced during night-time foraging of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)
AK Stimpert, DN Wiley, WWL Au, MP Johnson, R Arsenault
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Eye-hand co-ordination with force feedback
R Arsenault, C Ware
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Visualizing the underwater behavior of humpback whales
C Ware, R Arsenault, M Plumlee, D Wiley
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The importance of stereo and eye-coupled perspective for eye-hand coordination in fish tank VR
R Arsenault, C Ware
Presence 13 (5), 549-559, 2004
GeoZui3D: Data fusion for interpreting oceanographic data
C Ware, M Plumlee, R Arsenault, LA Mayer, S Smith
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Frames of reference in virtual object rotation
C Ware, R Arsenault
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A system for visualizing time varying oceanographic 3D data
R Arsenault, C Ware, M Plumlee, S Martin, LL Whitcomb, D Wiley, T Gross, ...
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Fusing information in a 3D Chart-of-the-Future display
RJ Arsenault, SM Smith LT, C Ware, LA Mayer, MD Plumlee
Hydrographic Society of America, 2003
Frustum view angle, observer view angle and VE navigation
R Arsenault, C Ware
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The electronic chart of the future: The hampton roads demonstration project
RT Brennan, C Ware, L Alexander, A Armstrong, L Mayer, L Huff, B Calder, ...
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A system for real-time spatio-temporal 3-d data visualization in underwater robotic exploration
SC Martin, LL Whitcomb, R Arsenault, M Plumlee, C Ware
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Target finding with a spatially aware handheld chart display
C Ware, R Arsenault
Human factors 54 (6), 1040-1052, 2012
The CCOM Chart of the Future Project: Maximizing Mariner Effectiveness Through Fusion of Marine & Visualization Technologies
MD Plumlee, RJ Arsenault, RT Brennan, C Ware
Advanced mid-water tools for 4D marine data fusion and analysis
M Doucet, C Ware, R Arsenault, T Weber, MA Malik, L Mayer, L Gee
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Megapclicks: Tagged humpback whales produce click trains and buzzes during foraging
AK Stimpert, WWL Au, MP Johnson, DN Wiley, R Arsenault
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 120 (5_Supplement), 3012-3012, 2006
Real time 3D display of hydrographic data for QA and QC
R Arsenault
Proc. 2001 US Hydrographic Conference, 2001
A mapping focused open-sourced software framework for Autonomous Surface Vehicles
R Arsenault, V Schmidt
Canadian Hydrographic Conference. url: https://hydrography. ca/wp-content …, 2020
Whale tracking underwater: High frequency acoustic pingers and the instrumented tag (DTAG)
VE Schmidt, TC Weber, C Ware, R Arsenault, D Wiley, MP Johnson, ...
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 122 (5), 3003-3003, 2007
Linking sound production and dive behavior in feeding humpback whales
AK Stimpert, WWL Au, DN Wiley, KA Shorter, KL Barton, MP Johnson, ...
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 119 (5), 3404-3404, 2006
Monitoring Distributed Autonomous Entities through Linkable 3D Windows
MD Plumlee, C Ware, R Komerska, RJ Arsenault
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