Julien Zollinger
Julien Zollinger
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Grain refinement by low boron additions in niobium-rich TiAl-based alloys
U Hecht, V Witusiewicz, A Drevermann, J Zollinger
Intermetallics 16 (8), 969-978, 2008
Influence of oxygen on solidification behaviour of cast TiAl-based alloys
J Zollinger, J Lapin, D Daloz, H Combeau
Intermetallics 15 (10), 1343-1350, 2007
The al–b–nb–ti system: V. thermodynamic description of the ternary system al–b–ti
VT Witusiewicz, AA Bondar, U Hecht, J Zollinger, LV Artyukh, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 474 (1-2), 86-104, 2009
Microsegregation, macrosegregation and related phase transformations in TiAl alloys
D Daloz, U Hecht, J Zollinger, H Combeau, A Hazotte, M Založnik
Intermetallics 19 (6), 749-756, 2011
Microstructure evolution of diffusion welded 304L/Zircaloy4 with copper interlayer
D Aboudi, S Lebaili, M Taouinet, J Zollinger
Materials & Design 116, 386-394, 2017
TiAl–Nb melt interaction with AlN refractory crucibles
AV Kartavykh, VV Tcherdyntsev, J Zollinger
Materials Chemistry and Physics 116 (1), 300-304, 2009
Experimental study and thermodynamic re-assessment of the binary Al–Ta system
VT Witusiewicz, AA Bondar, U Hecht, J Zollinger, VM Petyukh, ...
Intermetallics 18 (1), 92-106, 2010
Solidification of metallic alloys: Does the structure of the liquid matter
M Rappaz, P Jarry, G Kurtuldu, J Zollinger
Metall. Mater. Trans. A 51, 2651–2664, 2020
New insights into the origin of fine equiaxed microstructures in additively manufactured Inconel 718
I Cazic, J Zollinger, S Mathieu, M El Kandaoui, P Plapper, B Appolaire
Scripta Materialia 195, 113740, 2021
Interplay between α (Ti) nucleation and growth during peritectic solidification investigated by phase-field simulations
J Eiken, M Apel, VT Witusiewicz, J Zollinger, U Hecht
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (46), 464104, 2009
Effects of the powder, laser parameters and surface conditions on the molten pool formation in the selective laser melting of IN718
Y Li, M Založnik, J Zollinger, L Dembinski, A Mathieu
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 289, 116930, 2021
σ-Phase Formation in Super Austenitic Stainless Steel During Directional Solidification and Subsequent Phase Transformations
R Marin, H Combeau, J Zollinger, M Dehmas, B Rouat, A Lamontagne, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51, 3526-3534, 2020
TiAl–Nb melt interaction with pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles
AV Kartavykh, VV Tcherdyntsev, J Zollinger
Materials Chemistry and Physics 119 (3), 347-350, 2010
Properties of nanocrystalline and nanocomposite WxZr1− x thin films deposited by co-sputtering
D Horwat, M Dehmas, E Aubry, J Zollinger, S Migot, JF Pierson
Intermetallics 17 (6), 421-426, 2009
Enhanced dendrite fragmentation through the peritectic reaction in TiAl-based alloys
NT Reilly, B Rouat, G Martin, D Daloz, J Zollinger
Intermetallics 86, 126-133, 2017
Columnar dendritic solidification of TiAl under diffusive and hypergravity conditions investigated by phase-field simulations
A Viardin, J Zollinger, L Sturz, M Apel, J Eiken, R Berger, U Hecht
Computational Materials Science 172, 109358, 2020
Modelling of delta ferrite to austenite phase transformation kinetics in martensitic steels: application to rapid cooling in additive manufacturing
F Villaret, X Boulnat, P Aubry, J Zollinger, D Fabrègue, Y de Carlan
Materialia 18, 101157, 2021
Influence of Ir Additions and Icosahedral Short Range Order (ISRO) on Nucleation and Growth Kinetics in Au-20.5 Wt Pct Cu-4.5 Wt PctAg Alloy
J Zollinger, B Rouat, J Guyon, SK Pillai, M Rappaz
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 50 (5), 2279-2288, 2019
Grain refinement of TiAl alloys by isomorphic self-inoculation
JR Kennedy, D Daloz, B Rouat, E Bouzy, J Zollinger
Intermetallics 95, 89-93, 2018
Microsegregation induced microstructures in intermetallic Ti-46Al-8Nb alloy
J Zollinger, Z Gabalcová, D Daloz, J Lapin, H Combeau
Kovove Mater 46 (5), 291, 2008
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