Pankesh Patel, PhD
Pankesh Patel, PhD
Engineering Lead | Senior Scientist transitioned to Engineer
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Service level agreement in cloud computing
P Patel, A Ranabahu, A Sheth
OOPSLA Cloud Computing workshop, 2009
Enabling High-Level Application Development in the Internet of Things, S-CUBE
P Patel, A Pathak, D Cassou, V Issarny
The 4th International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software 122, 111--126, 2013
Explainable AI (XAI): Core ideas, techniques, and solutions
R Dwivedi, D Dave, H Naik, S Singhal, R Omer, P Patel, B Qian, Z Wen, ...
ACM Computing Surveys 55 (9), 1-33, 2023
On using the intelligent edge for IoT analytics
P Patel, MI Ali, A Sheth
IEEE Intelligent Systems 32 (5), 64-69, 2017
Cyber-physical systems: from theory to practice
DB Rawat, JJPC Rodrigues, I Stojmenovic
CRC Press, 2015
From raw data to smart manufacturing: AI and semantic web of things for industry 4.0
P Patel, MI Ali, A Sheth
IEEE Intelligent Systems 33 (4), 79-86, 2018
Explainable ai meets healthcare: A study on heart disease dataset
D Dave, H Naik, S Singhal, P Patel
arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.03195, 2020
QoE in IoT: a vision, survey and future directions
K Fizza, A Banerjee, K Mitra, PP Jayaraman, R Ranjan, P Patel, ...
Discover Internet of Things 1, 1-14, 2021
Towards application development for the internet of things
P Patel, A Pathak, T Teixeira, V Issarny
ACM/IFIP/USENIX 12th International Middleware, Conference Dec 2011, Lisbon …, 2011
Software engineering for smart cyber-physical systems: Challenges and promising solutions
T Bures, D Weyns, B Schmer, E Tovar, E Boden, T Gabor, ...
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 42 (2), 19-24, 2017
Managing the web of things: linking the real world to the web
M Sheng, Y Qin, L Yao, B Benatallah
Morgan Kaufmann, 2017
Cognitive digital twins for smart manufacturing
MI Ali, P Patel, JG Breslin, R Harik, A Sheth
IEEE Intelligent Systems 36 (2), 96-100, 2021
Building the Web of Knowledge with Smart IoT Applications
A Gyrard, P Patel, A Sheth, M Serrano
IEEE Intelligent Systems 31 (5, Sept.-Oct. 2016), 83 - 88, 2016
IoTSuite: A ToolSuite for Prototyping Internet of Things Applications
D Soukaras, P Patel, H Song, S Chaudhary
The 4th International Workshop on Computing and Networking for Internet of …, 2015
Blockchain-based SLA Management in the Context of IoT
A Alzubaidi, E Solaiman, P Patel, K Mitra
IT Professional 21 (4), 33-40, 2019
A model-driven development framework for developing sense-compute-control applications
P Patel, B Morin, S Chaudhary
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Modern Software Engineering …, 2014
Edge2guard: Botnet attacks detecting offline models for resource-constrained iot devices
B Sudharsan, D Sundaram, P Patel, JG Breslin, MI Ali
2021 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications …, 2021
Semantic web meets internet of things and web of things
A Gyrard, P Patel, SK Datta, MI Ali
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion …, 2017
End-to-end service level agreement specification for iot applications
A Alqahtani, Y Li, P Patel, E Solaiman, R Ranjan
2018 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation …, 2018
Semantic web meets internet of things (iot) and web of things (wot)
A Gyrard, P Patel, S Datta, M Ali
The 15th International Conference on Semantic Web (ISWC).(Oct 2016), 2016
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