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Combining phase field approach and homogenization methods for modelling phase transformation in elastoplastic media
K Ammar, B Appolaire, G Cailletaud, S Forest
European Journal of Computational Mechanics/Revue Européenne de Mécanique …, 2009
A phase field model incorporating strain gradient viscoplasticity: application to rafting in Ni-base superalloys
M Cottura, Y Le Bouar, A Finel, B Appolaire, K Ammar, S Forest
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 60 (7), 1243-1256, 2012
Finite element formulation of a phase field model based on the concept of generalized stresses
K Ammar, B Appolaire, G Cailletaud, F Feyel, S Forest
Computational materials science 45 (3), 800-805, 2009
Multiaxial high-cycle fatigue criteria and life prediction: Application to gas turbine blade
W Maktouf, K Ammar, IB Naceur, K Saï
International Journal of Fatigue 92, 25-35, 2016
A cosserat crystal plasticity and phase field theory for grain boundary migration
A Ask, S Forest, B Appolaire, K Ammar, OU Salman
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 115, 167-194, 2018
A fully coupled diffusional-mechanical formulation: numerical implementation, analytical validation, and effects of plasticity on equilibrium
A Villani, EP Busso, K Ammar, S Forest, MGD Geers
Archive of applied mechanics 84, 1647-1664, 2014
Homogenization of viscoplastic constitutive laws within a phase field approach
V de Rancourt, K Ammar, B Appolaire, S Forest
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 88, 291-319, 2016
Phase field modeling of elasto-plastic deformation induced by diffusion controlled growth of a misfitting spherical precipitate
K Ammar, B Appolaire, G Cailletaud, S Forest
Philosophical magazine letters 91 (3), 164-172, 2011
Micromorphic approach to crystal plasticity and phase transformation
S Forest, K Ammar, B Appolaire, N Cordero, A Gaubert
Plasticity and beyond: microstructures, crystal-plasticity and phase …, 2014
Modelling inheritance of plastic deformation during migration of phase boundaries using a phase field method
K Ammar, B Appolaire, S Forest, M Cottura, YL Bouar, A Finel
Meccanica 49, 2699-2717, 2014
Micromorphic vs. phase-field approaches for gradient viscoplasticity and phase transformations
S Forest, K Ammar, B Appolaire
Advances in extended and multifield theories for continua, 69-88, 2011
Dislocation density in cellular rapid solidification using phase field modeling and crystal plasticity
M Lindroos, T Pinomaa, K Ammar, A Laukkanen, N Provatas, S Forest
International Journal of Plasticity 148, 103139, 2022
A Cosserat–phase-field theory of crystal plasticity and grain boundary migration at finite deformation
A Ask, S Forest, B Appolaire, K Ammar
Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 31, 1109-1141, 2019
Modelling and simulation of phase transformation-mechanics coupling using a phase field method
K Ammar
École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, 2010
A new fatigue model including thermal ageing for low copper aluminum-silicon alloys
M Beranger, JM Fiard, K Ammar, G Cailletaud
Procedia engineering 213, 720-729, 2018
Multiscale analysis of crystalline defect formation in rapid solidification of pure aluminium and aluminium–copper alloys
T Pinomaa, M Lindroos, P Jreidini, M Haapalehto, K Ammar, L Wang, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 380 (2217), 20200319, 2022
Microstructure evolution in deformed polycrystals predicted by a diffuse interface Cosserat approach
A Ask, S Forest, B Appolaire, K Ammar
Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 7, 1-28, 2020
Cosserat crystal plasticity with dislocation-driven grain boundary migration
A Ask, S Forest, B Appolaire, K Ammar
Journal of Micromechanics and Molecular Physics 3 (03n04), 1840009, 2018
Toward robust scalar-based gradient plasticity modeling and simulation at finite deformations
M Abatour, S Forest, K Ammar, C Ovalle, N Osipov, S Quilici
Acta Mechanica 234 (3), 911-958, 2023
Efficient simulation of single and poly-crystal plasticity based on the pencil glide mechanism
LT Le, K Ammar, S Forest
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique 348 (10-11), 847-876, 2020
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