Johanna Kleinekorte
Johanna Kleinekorte
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Sustainable conversion of carbon dioxide: an integrated review of catalysis and life cycle assessment
J Artz, TE Müller, K Thenert, J Kleinekorte, R Meys, A Sternberg, ...
Chemical reviews 118 (2), 434-504, 2018
Life cycle assessment for the design of chemical processes, products, and supply chains
J Kleinekorte, L Fleitmann, M Bachmann, A Kätelhön, A Barbosa-Póvoa, ...
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering 11, 203-233, 2020
Techno-economic Optimization of a Green-Field Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process Using Superstructure and Rate-Based Models
U Lee, J Burre, A Caspari, J Kleinekorte, AM Schweidtmann, A Mitsos
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 55 (46), 12014-12026, 2016
Robust dynamic optimization of batch processes under parametric uncertainty: Utilizing approaches from semi-infinite programs
J Puschke, H Djelassi, J Kleinekorte, R Hannemann-Tamás, A Mitsos
Computers & Chemical Engineering 116, 253-267, 2018
A neural network-based framework to predict process-specific environmental impacts
J Kleinekorte, L Kröger, K Leonhard, A Bardow
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 46, 1447-1452, 2019
COSMO-susCAMPD: Sustainable solvents from combining computer-aided molecular and process design with predictive life cycle assessment
L Fleitmann, J Kleinekorte, K Leonhard, A Bardow
Chemical Engineering Science 245, 116863, 2021
Syngas from What? Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment for Syngas Production from Biomass, CO2, and Steel Mill Off-Gases
M Bachmann, S Völker, J Kleinekorte, A Bardow
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 11 (14), 5356-5366, 2023
APPROPRIATE Life Cycle Assessment: A PROcess-Specific, PRedictive Impact AssessmenT Method for Emerging Chemical Processes
J Kleinekorte, J Kleppich, L Fleitmann, V Beckert, L Blodau, A Bardow
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 11 (25), 9303-9319, 2023
Molecular Design of Fuels for Maximum Spark-Ignition Engine Efficiency by Combining Predictive Thermodynamics and Machine Learning
L Fleitmann, P Ackermann, J Schilling, J Kleinekorte, JG Rittig, ...
Energy & Fuels 37 (3), 2213-2229, 2023
What shall we do with steel mill off-gas: polygeneration systems minimizing greenhouse gas emissions
J Kleinekorte, M Leitl, C Zibunas, A Bardow
Environmental science & technology 56 (18), 13294-13304, 2022
Predictive Life Cycle Assessment with Limited Training Data: Artificial Neural Networks Vs. Gaussian Process Regression
J Kleinekorte, V Beckert, L Fleitmann, L Kröger, K Leonhard, A Bardow
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting, 2020
Hüttengas‐to‐X: Life Cycle Assessment zum Potenzial der Sektorenkopplung von Stahl und Chemie
J Kleinekorte, C Zibunas, A Bardow
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 92 (9), 1168-1168, 2020
Combining process short cuts and artificial neural networks for predictive life cycle assessment of chemicals
J Kleinekorte, M Welz, LHJ Fleitmann, LC Kröger, K Leonhard, A Bardow
Foundations of Process Analytics and Machine learning (FOPAM 2019), 2019
Energieeffizienz vs. Umweltauswirkungen: Integration von Molekül‐und Prozessdesign mit prädiktiver Ökobilanzierung
J Kleinekorte, L Fleitmann, J Scheffczyk, A Bardow
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 90 (9), 1163-1163, 2018
Molecular design of spark-ignition fuels by combining predictive thermodynamics and machine learning
LHJ Fleitmann, P Ackermann, J Schilling, J Kleinekorte, JG Rittig, ...
32nd European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE-32), 2022
Molecular Design of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuels for Maximal Engine Efficiency
P Ackermann, LHJ Fleitmann, J Schilling, J Kleinekorte, JG Rittig, ...
10th International Conference “Fuel Science-From Production to Propulsion”, 2022
Predictive life cycle assessment for chemical processes using machine learning
J Kleinekorte
Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University, 2022, 2022
Environmentally optimal conversion pathways for gaseous carbon waste streams from steel mills
J Kleinekorte, A Kalousdian, A Bardow
17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU 2019), 2019
Sustainable Solvents from Computer-Aided Molecular and Process Design with Predictive Life Cycle Assessment
LHJ Fleitmann, J Kleinekorte, JD Scheffczyk, K Leonhard, A Bardow
Tailor-Made Fuels: from Production to Propulsion: 6th International …, 2018
Sustainable Solvents from Combining Computer-Aided Molecular Design with Predictive Life Cycle Assessment
J Kleinekorte, L Fleitmann, J Scheffczyk, A Bardow
Jahrestagung der Fachgruppe Nachhaltige Chemie, 2018
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