Jernej Polajnar
Jernej Polajnar
Department of Organisms and Ecosystems Research, National Institute of Biology
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Molecular diagnostics reveal spiders that exploit prey vibrational signals used in sexual communication
M Virant-Doberlet, RA King, J Polajnar, WOC Symondson
Molecular Ecology 20 (10), 2204-2216, 2011
Manipulating behaviour with substrate‐borne vibrations–potential for insect pest control
J Polajnar, A Eriksson, A Lucchi, G Anfora, M Virant‐Doberlet, V Mazzoni
Pest management science 71 (1), 15-23, 2015
Mating disruption of a grapevine pest using mechanical vibrations: from laboratory to the field
J Polajnar, A Eriksson, M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni
Journal of pest science 89 (4), 909-921, 2016
Resonance in herbaceous plant stems as a factor in vibrational communication of pentatomid bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
J Polajnar, D Svenšek, A Čokl
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 9 (73), 1898-1907, 2012
The effect of vibratory disturbance on sexual behaviour of the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae)
J Polajnar, A Čokl
Central European Journal of Biology 3 (2), 189-197, 2008
The process of pair formation mediated by substrate-borne vibrations in a small insect
J Polajnar, A Eriksson, MVR Stacconi, A Lucchi, G Anfora, ...
Behavioural processes 107, 68-78, 2014
Vibrational communication networks: eavesdropping and biotic noise
M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni, M De Groot, J Polajnar, A Lucchi, ...
Studying vibrational communication, 93-123, 2014
Use of substrate-borne vibrational signals to attract the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys
V Mazzoni, J Polajnar, M Baldini, MVR Stacconi, G Anfora, R Guidetti, ...
Journal of Pest Science 90 (4), 1219-1229, 2017
Vibrational communication of the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys)
J Polajnar, L Maistrello, A Bertarella, V Mazzoni
Physiological Entomology 41 (3), 249-259, 2016
Palomena prasina (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) vibratory signals and their tuning with plant substrates
J Polajnar, A Kavčič, A Kosi, A Čokl
Open Life Sciences 8 (7), 670-680, 2013
On the spot: utilization of directional cues in vibrational communication of a stink bug
J Prešern, J Polajnar, M De Groot, M Zorović, M Virant-Doberlet
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-13, 2018
The effect of noise on sexual behaviour of the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula
J Polajnar, A Čokl
Bull Insect 61, 181-182, 2008
Secondary spectral components of substrate-borne vibrational signals affect male preference
V Mazzoni, J Polajnar, M Virant-Doberlet
Behavioural processes 115, 53-60, 2015
Predator-prey interactions and eavesdropping in vibrational communication networks
M Virant-Doberlet, A Kuhelj, J Polajnar, R Šturm
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 203, 2019
Developing a bioacoustic method for mating disruption of a leafhopper pest in grapevine
J Polajnar, A Eriksson, M Virant-Doberlet, A Lucchi, V Mazzoni
Advances in Insect Control and Resistance Management, 165-190, 2016
Človeška ribica
B Bulog, J Polajnar
Univerza v Ljubljani, Biotehniška fakulteta, 2007
Substrate-Borne Vibrational Communication in the Vector of Apple Proliferation Disease Cacopsylla picta (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)
T Oppedisano, J Polajnar, R Kostanjšek, A De Cristofaro, C Ioriatti, ...
Journal of Economic Entomology 113 (2), 596-603, 2020
Can Vibrational Playback Improve Control of an Invasive Stink Bug?
J Polajnar, L Maistrello, A Ibrahim, V Mazzoni
Biotremology: Studying Vibrational Behavior, 375-398, 2019
Mating Disruption by Vibrational Signals: State of the Field and Perspectives
V Mazzoni, R Nieri, A Eriksson, M Virant-Doberlet, J Polajnar, G Anfora, ...
Biotremology: Studying Vibrational Behavior, 331-354, 2019
Vibrational signals as semiophysicals: a comparison between pheromonal and vibrational mating disruption
V Mazzoni, R Nieri, G Anfora, AE Eeriksson, J Polajnar, M Virant-Doblert, ...
Abstract Book 42, 2018
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