Gabriel A. López
Gabriel A. López
Department of Physics - Faculty of Science and Technology - University of the Basque Country
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The solubility of C in solid Cu
GA López, EJ Mittemeijer
Scripta Materialia 51 (1), 1-5, 2004
Grain boundary wetting by a solid phase; microstructural development in a Zn–5 wt% Al alloy
GA López, EJ Mittemeijer, BB Straumal
Acta materialia 52 (15), 4537-4545, 2004
Duplex surface treatment of an AISI 316L stainless steel; microstructure and tribological behaviour
E De Las Heras, DA Egidi, P Corengia, D González-Santamaría, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 202 (13), 2945-2954, 2008
Phase characterization of diffusion soldered Ni/Al/Ni interconnections
GA Lopez, S Sommadossi, W Gust, EJ Mittemeijer, P Zieba
Interface science 10, 13-19, 2002
Kinetic behaviour of diffusion-soldered Ni/Al/Ni interconnections
GA López, S Sommadossi, P Zieba, W Gust, EJ Mittemeijer
Materials chemistry and physics 78 (2), 459-463, 2003
The grain boundary wetting phenomena in the ti-containing high-entropy alloys: A review
BB Straumal, A Korneva, A Kuzmin, GA Lopez, E Rabkin, AB Straumal, ...
Metals 11 (11), 1881, 2021
Microstructural development of Sn-Ag-Cu solder joints
AR Fix, GA López, I Brauer, W Nüchter, EJ Mittemeijer
Journal of Electronic Materials 34, 137-142, 2005
High-pressure torsion driven phase transformations in Cu–Al–Ni shape memory alloys
BB Straumal, AR Kilmametov, GA López, I López-Ferreño, ML Nó, ...
Acta Materialia 125, 274–285, 2017
Mode-crystallography analysis of the crystal structures and the low- and high-temperature phase transitions in Na0.5K0.5NbO3
BO , A. Faik, G.A. López, O. Fabelo, J.M. Igartua
Journal of Applied Crystallography 48 (Part 2 (April)), DOI: 10.1107 …, 2015
Amorphization of crystalline phases in the Nd-Fe-B alloy driven by the high-pressure torsion
B.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin, S.G. Protasova, D.V. Gunderov, G.A. López, B ...
Materials Letters 161 (Article number 19592), 735-739, 2015
Schwertmannite to jarosite conversion in the water column of an acidic mine pit lake
J Sánchez-España, I Yusta, GA López
Mineralogical Magazine 76 (7), 2659-2682, 2012
Use of the Moodle Platform to Promote an Ongoing Learning When Lecturing General Physics in the Physics, Mathematics and Electronic Engineering …
GA López, J Sáenz, A Leonardo, IG Gurtubay
Journal of Science Education and Technology 25, 575-589, 2016
Synthesis, structural, magnetic and phase-transition studies of the ferromagnetic La 2 CoMnO 6 double perovskite by symmetry-adapted modes
B Orayech, I Urcelay-Olabarria, GA López, O Fabelo, A Faik, JM Igartua
Dalton Transactions 44 (31), 13867-13880, 2015
Infrared emissivity of copper-alloyed spinel black coatings for concentrated solar power systems
T Echániz, I González de Arrieta, R Fuente, E Rubin, R Chen, JM Igartua, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 200, 109961, 2019
Focused ion beam preparation of atom probe specimens containing a single crystallographically well-defined grain boundary
F Pérez-Willard, D Wolde-Giorgis, T Al-Kassab, GA López, EJ Mittemeijer, ...
Micron 39 (1), 45-52, 2008
Properties of rare earth added Cu–12wt% Al–3wt% Ni–0.6 wt% Ti high temperature shape memory alloy
P Dalvand, S Raygan, GA López, MB Meléndez, VA Chernenko
Materials Science and Engineering: A 754, 370-381, 2019
Microstructural and phase composition differences across the interfaces in Al/Ti/Al explosively welded clads
DM Fronczek, R Chulist, L Litynska-Dobrzynska, GA Lopez, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 48, 4154-4165, 2017
Grain Boundary Phase Transitions in the Al–Mg System and Their Influence on High-Strain Rate Superplasticity
BB Straumal, GA López, EJ Mittemeijer, W Gust, AP Zhilyaev
Defect and Diffusion Forum 216, 307-312, 2003
Grain boundary wetting by a second solid phase in the high entropy alloys: A review
BB Straumal, A Korneva, GA Lopez, A Kuzmin, E Rabkin, G Gerstein, ...
Materials 14 (24), 7506, 2021
Effects of environmental and operational variability on the spectrally selective properties of W/WAlN/WAlON/Al2O3-based solar absorber coating
A Dan, B Basu, T Echániz, IG de Arrieta, GA López, HC Barshilia
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 185, 342-350, 2018
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