Avner Peleg
Avner Peleg
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Optimized multiemitter beams for free-space optical communications through turbulent atmosphere
P Polynkin, A Peleg, L Klein, T Rhoadarmer, J Moloney
Optics letters 32 (8), 885-887, 2007
Scintillation index for two Gaussian laser beams with different wavelengths in weak atmospheric turbulence
A Peleg, JV Moloney
JOSA A 23 (12), 3114-3122, 2006
Phase ordering with a global conservation law: Ostwald ripening and coalescence
M Conti, B Meerson, A Peleg, PV Sasorov
Physical Review E 65 (4), 046117, 2002
Effect of quintic nonlinearity on soliton collisions in optical fibers
J Soneson, A Peleg
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 195 (1-2), 123-140, 2004
Total dielectronic recombination rate coefficient for Ar-like tungsten
A Peleg, E Behar, P Mandelbaum, JL Schwob
Physical Review A 57 (5), 3493, 1998
Scintillation reduction by use of multiple Gaussian laser beams with different wavelengths
A Peleg, JV Moloney
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 19 (12), 883-885, 2007
Cross-talk dynamics of optical solitons in a broadband Kerr nonlinear system with weak cubic loss
A Peleg, QM Nguyen, Y Chung
Physical Review A 82 (5), 053830, 2010
Strongly non-Gaussian statistics of optical soliton parameters due to collisions in the presence of delayed Raman response
Y Chung, A Peleg
Nonlinearity 18 (4), 1555, 2005
Dielectronic recombination of Ni-, Cu-, and Ar-like tungsten and Barium through the low inner-shell excited configurations including collision processes
E Behar, A Peleg, R Doron, P Mandelbaum, JL Schwob
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 58 (4-6), 449-469, 1997
Log-normal distribution of pulse amplitudes due to Raman cross talk in wavelength division multiplexing soliton transmission
A Peleg
Optics letters 29 (17), 1980-1982, 2004
Interchannel interaction of optical solitons
A Peleg, M Chertkov, I Gabitov
Physical Review E 68 (2), 026605, 2003
Deterministic Raman crosstalk effects in amplified wavelength division multiplexing transmission
QM Nguyen, A Peleg
Optics communications 283 (18), 3500-3511, 2010
Inelastic interchannel collisions of pulses in optical fibers in the presence of third-order dispersion
A Peleg, M Chertkov, I Gabitov
JOSA B 21 (1), 18-23, 2004
Monte Carlo simulations of pulse propagation in massive multichannel optical fiber communication systems
Y Chung, A Peleg
Physical Review A 77 (6), 063835, 2008
Cross-talk dynamics of optical solitons in multichannel waveguide systems with a Ginzburg-Landau gain-loss profile
A Peleg, Y Chung
Physical Review A 85 (6), 063828, 2012
Intermittent dynamics, strong correlations, and bit-error-rate in multichannel optical fiber communication systems
A Peleg
Physics Letters A 360 (4-5), 533-538, 2007
Resolving the Raman-induced cross frequency shift in fast optical soliton collisions
QM Nguyen, A Peleg
JOSA B 27 (10), 1985-1990, 2010
Diverging probability-density functions for flat-top solitary waves
A Peleg, Y Chung, T Dohnal, QM Nguyen
Physical Review E 80 (2), 026602, 2009
Robust transmission stabilization and dynamic switching in broadband hybrid waveguide systems with nonlinear gain and loss
QM Nguyen, A Peleg, TP Tran
Physical Review A 91 (1), 013839, 2015
Energy exchange in fast optical soliton collisions as a random cascade model
A Peleg
Physics Letters A 373 (31), 2734-2738, 2009
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