Morgan Deters
Morgan Deters
Senior Research Scientist, NYU
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C Barrett, CL Conway, M Deters, L Hadarean, D Jovanović, T King, ...
Computer Aided Verification: 23rd International Conference, CAV 2011 …, 2011
Counterexample-guided quantifier instantiation for synthesis in SMT
A Reynolds, M Deters, V Kuncak, C Tinelli, C Barrett
Computer Aided Verification: 27th International Conference, CAV 2015, San …, 2015
A DPLL(T) Theory Solver for a Theory of Strings and Regular Expressions
T Liang, A Reynolds, C Tinelli, C Barrett, M Deters
Computer Aided Verification: 26th International Conference, CAV 2014, Held …, 2014
6 years of SMT-COMP
C Barrett, M Deters, L De Moura, A Oliveras, A Stump
Journal of Automated Reasoning 50, 243-277, 2013
Quantifier instantiation techniques for finite model finding in SMT
A Reynolds, C Tinelli, A Goel, S Krstić, M Deters, C Barrett
Automated Deduction–CADE-24: 24th International Conference on Automated …, 2013
An efficient SMT solver for string constraints
T Liang, A Reynolds, N Tsiskaridze, C Tinelli, C Barrett, M Deters
Formal Methods in System Design 48, 206-234, 2016
Automated discovery of scoped memory regions for real-time Java
M Deters, RK Cytron
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 38 (2 supplement), 25-35, 2002
A tour of CVC4: how it works, and how to use it
M Deters, A Reynolds, T King, C Barrett, C Tinelli
2014 Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design (FMCAD), 7-7, 2014
Verified programming in Guru
A Stump, M Deters, A Petcher, T Schiller, T Simpson
Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on Programming languages meets program …, 2009
Design and results of the 3rd annual satisfiability modulo theories competition (SMT-COMP 2007)
C Barrett, M Deters, A Oliveras, A Stump
International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools 17 (04), 569-606, 2008
Refutation-based synthesis in smt
A Reynolds, V Kuncak, C Tinelli, C Barrett, M Deters
Formal methods in system design 55, 73-102, 2019
Expressive completeness of separation logic with two variables and no separating conjunction
S Demri, M Deters
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL) 17 (2), 1-44, 2016
Separation logics and modalities: a survey
S Demri, M Deters
Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 25 (1), 50-99, 2015
Static determination of allocation rates to support real-time garbage collection
T Mann, M Deters, R LeGrand, RK Cytron
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 40 (7), 193-202, 2005
Introduction of program instrumentation using aspects
M Deters, RK Cytron
Proceedings of the ACM OOPSLA Workshop on Advanced Separation of Concerns in …, 2001
Storage allocation for real-time, embedded systems
SM Donahue, MP Hampton, M Deters, JM Nye, RK Cytron, KM Kavi
Embedded Software: First International Workshop, EMSOFT 2001 Tahoe City, CA …, 2001
Two-variable separation logic and its inner circle
S Demri, M Deters
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL) 16 (2), 1-36, 2015
Fine grained SMT proofs for the theory of fixed-width bit-vectors
L Hadarean, C Barrett, A Reynolds, C Tinelli, M Deters
Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning: 20th …, 2015
The 2012 SMT Competition.
DR Cok, A Griggio, R Bruttomesso, M Deters
SMT@ IJCAR, 131-142, 2012
Translation of Java to Real-Time Java using aspects
M Deters, N Leidenfrost, R Cytron
International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Programming and Separation of Concerns, 2001
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