Boris Ćosić
Boris Ćosić
Senior Research Assistant, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval
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A 100% renewable energy system in the year 2050: The case of Macedonia
B Ćosić, G Krajačić, N Duić
Energy 48 (1), 80-87, 2012
Zero carbon energy system of South East Europe in 2050
DF Dominković, I Bačeković, B Ćosić, G Krajačić, T Pukšec, N Duić, ...
Applied energy 184, 1517-1528, 2016
Geographic distribution of economic potential of agricultural and forest biomass residual for energy use: case study Croatia
B Ćosić, Z Stanić, N Duić
Energy 36 (4), 2017-2028, 2011
Green biomass to biogas–a study on anaerobic digestion of residue grass
R Bedoić, L Čuček, B Ćosić, D Krajnc, G Smoljanić, Z Kravanja, D Ljubas, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 213, 700-709, 2019
Integration of renewables and reverse osmosis desalination–Case study for the Jordanian energy system with a high share of wind and photovoltaics
T Novosel, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, G Krajačić, N Duić, BV Mathiesen, H Lund, ...
Energy 92 (Part 3), 270-278, 2015
The influence of reverse osmosis desalination in a combination with pump storage on the penetration of wind and PV energy: a case study for Jordan
T Novosel, B Ćosić, G Krajačić, N Duić, T Pukšec, MS Mohsen, ...
Energy 76, 73-81, 2014
Increasing wind power penetration into the existing Serbian energy system
IB Bjelić, N Rajaković, B Ćosić, N Duić
Energy 57, 30-37, 2013
Impact of high penetration of wind and solar PV generation on the country power system load: The case study of Croatia
I Komušanac, B Ćosić, N Duić
Applied energy 184, 1470-1482, 2016
A hybrid optimization model of biomass trigeneration system combined with pit thermal energy storage
DF Dominković, B Ćosić, ZB Medić, N Duić
Energy conversion and management 104, 90-99, 2015
Technical potential and geographic distribution of agricultural residues, co-products and by-products in the European Union
R Bedoić, B Ćosić, N Duić
Science of the total environment 686, 568-579, 2019
Environmental and economic aspects of higher RES penetration into Macedonian power system
B Ćosić, N Markovska, G Krajačić, V Taseska, N Duić
Applied thermal engineering 43, 158-162, 2012
Wind energy integration into future energy systems based on conventional plants–the case study of Croatia
T Cerovac, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, N Duić
Applied energy 135, 643-655, 2014
Sustainability of remote communities: 100% renewable island of Hvar
Z Bačelić Medić, B Ćosić, N Duić
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable energy 5 (4), 041806, 2013
Opportunities and challenges: Experimental and kinetic analysis of anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and rendering industry streams for biogas production
R Bedoić, A Špehar, J Puljko, L Čuček, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, N Duić
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 130, 109951, 2020
Economic feasibility of CHP facilities fueled by biomass from unused agriculture land: Case of Croatia
A Pfeifer, DF Dominković, B Ćosić, N Duić
Energy conversion and management 125, 222-229, 2016
Modeling of optimal energy flows for systems with close integration of sea water desalination and renewable energy sources: Case study for Jordan
L Perković, T Novosel, T Pukšec, B Ćosić, M Mustafa, G Krajačić, N Duić
Energy conversion and management 110, 249-259, 2016
Beyond energy crops and subsidised electricity–A study on sustainable biogas production and utilisation in advanced energy markets
R Bedoić, F Jurić, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, L Čuček, N Duić
Energy 201, 117651, 2020
A kinetic study of roadside grass pyrolysis and digestate from anaerobic mono-digestion
R Bedoić, VO Bulatović, L Čuček, B Ćosić, A Špehar, T Pukšec, N Duić
Bioresource technology 292, 121935, 2019
The potential of GHG emissions reduction in Macedonia by renewable electricity
B Ćosić, N Markovska, V Taseska, G Krajačić, N Duić
Chemical Engineering Transactions 25, 57-62, 2011
Influence of legislative conditioned changes in waste management on economic viability of MSW-fuelled district heating system: case study
T Tomić, B Ćosić, DR Schneider
Thermal science 20 (4), 1105-1120, 2016
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