Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Hitachi Chair, Presidential Professor of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma
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Interoperability in internet of things: Taxonomies and open challenges
M Noura, M Atiquzzaman, M Gaedke
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Edge computing in industrial internet of things: Architecture, advances and challenges
T Qiu, J Chi, X Zhou, Z Ning, M Atiquzzaman, DO Wu
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How can heterogeneous internet of things build our future: A survey
T Qiu, N Chen, K Li, M Atiquzzaman, W Zhao
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UAV assistance paradigm: State-of-the-art in applications and challenges
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Privacyprotector: Privacy-protected patient data collection in IoT-based healthcare systems
E Luo, MZA Bhuiyan, G Wang, MA Rahman, J Wu, M Atiquzzaman
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SCTP: State of the art in research, products, and technical challenges
S Fu, M Atiquzzaman
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Routing in flying ad hoc networks: Survey, constraints, and future challenge perspectives
OS Oubbati, M Atiquzzaman, P Lorenz, MH Tareque, MS Hossain
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Local differential privacy for deep learning
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The Internet of Things: A review of enabled technologies and future challenges
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Multiresolution hough transform-an efficient method of detecting patterns in images
M Atiquzzaman
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Handover schemes in satellite networks: State-of-the-art and future research directions
PK Chowdhury, M Atiquzzaman, W Ivancic
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On the routing in flying ad hoc networks
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A survey on the role of Internet of Things for adopting and promoting Agriculture 4.0
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Internet telephony: services, technical challenges, and products
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Security vulnerabilities, attacks, countermeasures, and regulations of networked medical devices—A review
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Softwarization of UAV networks: A survey of applications and future trends
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Error modeling schemes for fading channels in wireless communications: A survey
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