Natasa Sarlija
Natasa Sarlija
Professor of Finance, University of Osijek
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Shaping the entrepreneurial mindset: Entrepreneurial intentions of business students in Croatia
S Pfeifer, N Šarlija, M Zekić Sušac
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Modelling small‐business credit scoring by using logistic regression, neural networks and decision trees
M Bensic, N Sarlija, M Zekic‐Susac
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The impact of liquidity on the capital structure: a case study of Croatian firms
N Šarlija, M Harc
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M Zekic-Susac, N Sarlija, M Bensic
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Što čini Hrvatsku (ne) poduzničkom zemljom?
S Singer, N Šarlija, S Pfeifer, S Oberman Peterka
Comparing financial distress prediction models before and during recession
N Šarlija, M Jeger
Croatian Operational Research Review 2 (1), 133-142, 2011
Prediction of influenza vaccination outcome by neural networks and logistic regression
L Trtica-Majnaric, M Zekic-Susac, N Sarlija, B Vitale
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Comparison procedure of predicting the time to default in behavioural scoring
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Izvješće o malim i srednjim poduzećima u Hrvatskoj-2020.
M Alpeza, A Delić, M Has, T Koprivnjak, P Mezulić Juric, M Oberman, ...
Predicting company growth using logistic regression and neural networks
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Multinomial model in consumer credit scoring
N Šarlija, M Benšić, Z Bohaček
10th International Conference on Operational Research (10; 2004), 2004
Capital Structure Determinants of Small and Medium Enterprises in Croatia.
N Šarlija, M Harc
Managing Global Transitions: International Research Journal 14 (3), 2016
Business client segmentation in banking using self-organizing maps
MP Bach, S Juković, K Dumičić, N Šarlija
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The relationship between entrepreneurial activities, national and regional development and firm efficiency—Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)-based evidence from Croatia
S Pfeifer, N Sarlija
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A comparison of machine learning methods in a high-dimensional classification problem
M Zekić-Sušac, S Pfeifer, N Šarlija
Business Systems Research: International journal of the Society for …, 2014
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