Jennifer Crees
Jennifer Crees
Postdoctoral Researcher, Natural History Museum
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Extinction in the Anthropocene
ST Turvey, JJ Crees
Current Biology 29 (19), R982-R986, 2019
Historical data as a baseline for conservation: reconstructing long-term faunal extinction dynamics in Late Imperial–modern China
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Has climate change taken prominence over biodiversity conservation?
D Veríssimo, DC MacMillan, RJ Smith, J Crees, ZG Davies
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A comparative approach to assess drivers of success in mammalian conservation recovery programs
JJ Crees, AC Collins, PJ Stephenson, HMR Meredith, RP Young, C Howe, ...
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What constitutes a ‘native’species? Insights from the Quaternary faunal record
JJ Crees, ST Turvey
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Complex admixture preceded and followed the extinction of wisent in the wild
K Węcek, S Hartmann, JLA Paijmans, U Taron, G Xenikoudakis, JA Cahill, ...
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Navigating change: An analysis of financial trends for small and medium-sized charities
J Crees, N Davies, V Jochum, D Kane
London: Lloyds Bank Foundation, 2016
Quaternary vertebrate faunas from Sumba, Indonesia: implications for Wallacean biogeography and evolution
ST Turvey, JJ Crees, J Hansford, TE Jeffree, N Crumpton, I Kurniawan, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1861), 20171278, 2017
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Complementarity, completeness and quality of long-term faunal archives in an Asian biodiversity hotspot
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Mammalian tolerance to humans is predicted by body mass: evidence from long‐term archives
JJ Crees, ST Turvey, R Freeman, C Carbone
Ecology 100 (9), e02783, 2019
Dynamics of large mammal range shifts and extinction: evidence from the Holocene record of Europe
J Crees
Imperial College London, 2013
Challenges for incorporating long‐term baselines into biodiversity restoration: A case study of the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) in Britain
JJ Crees, VA Oxley, DC Schreve, ST Turvey
Ibis 165 (2), 365-387, 2023
The UK Civil Society Almanac 2016: Members’ Edition
J Crees, J Dobbs, D James, V Jochum, D Kane, G Lloyd, N Ockenden
NCVO London, 2016
Understanding local knowledge and attitudes toward potential reintroduction of a former British wetland bird
Ž Alif, JJ Crees, RL White, MM Quinlan, RJ Kennerley, TR Dando, ...
People and Nature 5 (4), 1220-1233, 2023
Late Quaternary biogeography of small carnivores in Europe
RS Sommer, JJ Crees
Small Carnivores: Evolution, Ecology, Behaviour, and Conservation, 79-91, 2022
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