Manuel Spitschan
Manuel Spitschan
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics & Technical University of Munich
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Effects of light on human circadian rhythms, sleep and mood
C Blume, C Garbazza, M Spitschan
Somnologie 23 (3), 147, 2019
Recommendations for daytime, evening, and nighttime indoor light exposure to best support physiology, sleep, and wakefulness in healthy adults
TM Brown, GC Brainard, C Cajochen, CA Czeisler, JP Hanifin, ...
PLoS biology 20 (3), e3001571, 2022
Opponent melanopsin and S-cone signals in the human pupillary light response
M Spitschan, S Jain, DH Brainard, GK Aguirre
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (43), 15568-15572, 2014
Variation of outdoor illumination as a function of solar elevation and light pollution
M Spitschan, GK Aguirre, DH Brainard, AM Sweeney
Scientific reports 6 (1), 26756, 2016
Melanopsin contributions to non-visual and visual function
M Spitschan
Current opinion in behavioral sciences 30, 67-72, 2019
How to report light exposure in human chronobiology and sleep research experiments
M Spitschan, O Stefani, P Blattner, C Gronfier, SW Lockley, RJ Lucas
Clocks & sleep 1 (3), 280-289, 2019
The human visual cortex response to melanopsin-directed stimulation is accompanied by a distinct perceptual experience
M Spitschan, AS Bock, J Ryan, G Frazzetta, DH Brainard, GK Aguirre
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (46), 12291-12296, 2017
The method of silent substitution for examining melanopsin contributions to pupil control
M Spitschan, T Woelders
Frontiers in Neurology 9, 941, 2018
What is the ‘spectral diet’of humans?
FS Webler, M Spitschan, RG Foster, M Andersen, SN Peirson
Current opinion in behavioral sciences 30, 80-86, 2019
Photoreceptor inputs to pupil control
M Spitschan
Journal of vision 19 (9), 5-5, 2019
Selective stimulation of penumbral cones reveals perception in the shadow of retinal blood vessels
M Spitschan, GK Aguirre, DH Brainard
PLoS One 10 (4), e0124328, 2015
No evidence for an S cone contribution to acute neuroendocrine and alerting responses to light
M Spitschan, R Lazar, E Yetik, C Cajochen
Current Biology 29 (24), R1297-R1298, 2019
Night matters—why the interdisciplinary field of “Night Studies” is needed
CCM Kyba, SB Pritchard, AR Ekirch, A Eldridge, A Jechow, C Preiser, ...
J 3 (1), 1-6, 2020
Chromatic clocks: color opponency in non-image-forming visual function
M Spitschan, RJ Lucas, TM Brown
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 78, 24-33, 2017
Human visual cortex responses to rapid cone and melanopsin-directed flicker
M Spitschan, R Datta, AM Stern, DH Brainard, GK Aguirre
Journal of Neuroscience 36 (5), 1471-1482, 2016
Demonstrating a multi-primary high dynamic range display system for vision experiments
AC Hexley, AÖ Yöntem, M Spitschan, HE Smithson, R Mantiuk
JOSA A 37 (4), A271-A284, 2020
White Paper: Open Digital Health–accelerating transparent and scalable health promotion and treatment
D Kwasnicka, J Keller, O Perski, S Potthoff, GA Ten Hoor, B Ainsworth, ...
Health Psychology Review 16 (4), 475-491, 2022
Principles of open, transparent and reproducible science in author guidelines of sleep research and chronobiology journals
M Spitschan, MH Schmidt, C Blume
Wellcome Open Research 5, 2020
Individual differences and diversity in human physiological responses to light
M Spitschan, N Santhi
EBioMedicine 75, 2022
luox: validated reference open-access and open-source web platform for calculating and sharing physiologically relevant quantities for light and lighting
M Spitschan, J Mead, C Roos, C Lowis, B Griffiths, P Mucur, M Herf, ...
Wellcome open research 6 (69), 69, 2022
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