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Arno Bouwens
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Combined multi-plane phase retrieval and super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging for 4D cell microscopy
A Descloux, KS Grußmayer, E Bostan, T Lukes, A Bouwens, A Sharipov, ...
Nature Photonics 12 (3), 165-172, 2018
Fast three-dimensional imaging of gold nanoparticles in living cells with photothermal optical lock-in Optical Coherence Microscopy
C Pache, NL Bocchio, A Bouwens, M Villiger, C Berclaz, J Goulley, ...
Optics express 20 (19), 21385-21399, 2012
Label-free imaging of cerebral β-amyloidosis with extended-focus optical coherence microscopy
T Bolmont, A Bouwens, C Pache, M Dimitrov, C Berclaz, M Villiger, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (42), 14548-14556, 2012
Visible spectrum extended-focus optical coherence microscopy for label-free sub-cellular tomography
PJ Marchand, A Bouwens, D Szlag, D Nguyen, A Descloux, M Sison, ...
Biomedical Optics Express 8 (7), 3343-3359, 2017
Quantitative lateral and axial flow imaging with optical coherence microscopy and tomography
A Bouwens, D Szlag, M Szkulmowski, T Bolmont, M Wojtkowski, T Lasser
Optics Express 21 (15), 17711-17729, 2013
Correcting for photodestruction in super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging
Y Peeters, W Vandenberg, S Duwé, A Bouwens, T Lukeš, C Ruckebusch, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 10470, 2017
Quantitative cerebral blood flow imaging with extended-focus optical coherence microscopy
A Bouwens, T Bolmont, D Szlag, C Berclaz, T Lasser
Optics Letters 39 (1), 37-40, 2014
Combined Optical Coherence and Fluorescence Microscopy to assess dynamics and specificity of pancreatic beta-cell tracers
C Berclaz, C Pache, A Bouwens, D Szlag, A Lopez, L Joosten, S Ekim, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 10385, 2015
Longitudinal three-dimensional visualisation of autoimmune diabetes by functional optical coherence imaging
C Berclaz, A Schmidt-Christensen, D Szlag, J Extermann, L Hansen, ...
Diabetologia 59, 550-559, 2016
Diabetes imaging—quantitative assessment of islets of Langerhans distribution in murine pancreas using extended-focus optical coherence microscopy
C Berclaz, J Goulley, M Villiger, C Pache, A Bouwens, E Martin-Williams, ...
Biomedical Optics Express 3 (6), 1365-1380, 2012
Identifying microbial species by single-molecule DNA optical mapping and resampling statistics
A Bouwens, J Deen, R Vitale, L D’Huys, V Goyvaerts, A Descloux, ...
NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics 2 (1), lqz007, 2020
Parallel photonic reservoir computing using frequency multiplexing of neurons
A Akrout, A Bouwens, F Duport, Q Vinckier, M Haelterman, S Massar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.08606, 2016
Imaging of cortical structures and microvasculature using extended-focus optical coherence tomography at 1.3 μm
PJ Marchand, D Szlag, J Extermann, A Bouwens, D Nguyen, M Rudin, ...
Optics letters 43 (8), 1782-1785, 2018
3D super-resolved in vitro multiphoton microscopy by saturation of excitation
AD Nguyen, F Duport, A Bouwens, F Vanholsbeeck, D Egrise, ...
Optics express 23 (17), 22667-22675, 2015
In vivo high-resolution cortical imaging with extended-focus optical coherence microscopy in the visible-NIR wavelength range
PJ Marchand, D Szlag, A Bouwens, T Lasser
Journal of biomedical optics 23 (3), 036012-036012, 2018
Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy for extended focus optical coherence microscopy
S Coquoz, A Bouwens, PJ Marchand, J Extermann, T Lasser
Optics Express 25 (24), 30807-30819, 2017
Label-free fast 3D coherent imaging reveals pancreatic islet micro-vascularization and dynamic blood flow
C Berclaz, D Szlag, D Nguyen, J Extermann, A Bouwens, PJ Marchand, ...
Biomedical optics express 7 (11), 4569-4580, 2016
Visible light optical coherence correlation spectroscopy
S Broillet, D Szlag, A Bouwens, L Maurizi, H Hofmann, T Lasser, ...
Optics express 22 (18), 21944-21957, 2014
Optical coherence correlation spectroscopy (OCCS)
S Broillet, A Sato, S Geissbühler, C Pache, A Bouwens, T Lasser, ...
Optics Express 22 (1), 782-802, 2014
Autonomous all-photonic processor based on reservoir computing paradigm
Q Vinckier, A Bouwens, M Haelterman, S Massar
CLEO: Science and Innovations, SF1F. 1, 2016
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