Victor Verdugo
From pricing to prophets, and back!
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Strong algorithms for the ordinal matroid secretary problem
JA Soto, A Turkieltaub, V Verdugo
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Strong LP formulations for scheduling splittable jobs on unrelated machines
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Split scheduling with uniform setup times
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Splitting versus setup trade-offs for scheduling to minimize weighted completion time
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Semidefinite and linear programming integrality gaps for scheduling identical machines
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A scheduling model inspired by control theory
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Skyline computation with noisy comparisons
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Proportional apportionment: A case study from the chilean constitutional convention
J Cembrano, J Correa, G Diaz, V Verdugo
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Brief Announcement: How Large is your Graph?
V Kanade, F Mallmann-Trenn, V Verdugo
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Multidimensional political apportionment
J Cembrano, J Correa, V Verdugo
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The competition complexity of dynamic pricing
J Brustle, J Correa, P Dütting, V Verdugo
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Breaking symmetries to rescue sum of squares in the case of makespan scheduling
V Verdugo, J Verschae, A Wiese
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Online combinatorial assignment in independence systems
J Marinkovic, JA Soto, V Verdugo
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A 2-approximation for the bounded treewidth sparsest cut problem in Time
V Cohen-Addad, T Mömke, V Verdugo
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Preserving diversity when partitioning: a geometric approach
S Perez-Salazar, A Torrico, V Verdugo
Proceedings of the 1st ACM Conference on Equity and Access in Algorithms …, 2021
The Convergence Rates of Blockchain Mining Games: A Markovian Approach
A Jofré, A Pardo, D Salas, V Verdugo, J Verschae
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Optimal revenue guarantees for pricing in large markets
J Correa, D Pizarro, V Verdugo
Algorithmic Game Theory: 14th International Symposium, SAGT 2021, Aarhus …, 2021
On the extension complexity of scheduling polytopes
HR Tiwary, V Verdugo, A Wiese
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Monotone Randomized Apportionment
J Correa, P Gölz, U Schmidt-Kraepelin, J Tucker-Foltz, V Verdugo
arXiv preprint arXiv:2405.03687, 2024
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