J.P. O'Gorman
J.P. O'Gorman
CONICET-División Paleontología Vertebrados, Museo de La Plata, Universidad Nacional de La Plata
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JP O'Gorman
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JP O'Gorman
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Redescription of Tuarangisaurus keyesi (Sauropterygia; Elasmosauridae), a key species from the uppermost Cretaceous of the Weddellian Province: Internal skull anatomy and …
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A new Pliosaurus species (Sauropterygia, Plesiosauria) from the Upper Jurassic of Patagonia: new insights on the Tithonian morphological disparity of mandibular symphyseal …
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Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology 37 (2), 259-267, 2013
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