RenChung Cheng
RenChung Cheng
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Golden orbweavers ignore biological rules: phylogenomic and comparative analyses unravel a complex evolution of sexual size dimorphism
M Kuntner, CA Hamilton, RC Cheng, M Gregorič, N Lupše, T Lokovšek, ...
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Salticid predation as one potential driving force of ant mimicry in jumping spiders
JN Huang, RC Cheng, D Li, IM Tso
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1710), 1356-1364, 2011
Phylogeny suggests nondirectional and isometric evolution of sexual size dimorphism in argiopine spiders
RC Cheng, M Kuntner
Evolution 68 (10), 2861-2872, 2014
Extant primitively segmented spiders have recently diversified from an ancient lineage
X Xu, F Liu, RC Cheng, J Chen, X Xu, Z Zhang, H Ono, DS Pham, ...
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Signaling by decorating webs: luring prey or deterring predators?
RC Cheng, IM Tso
Behavioral Ecology 18 (6), 1085-1091, 2007
Phylogeography of a good Caribbean disperser: Argiope argentata (Araneae, Araneidae) and a new ‘cryptic’species from Cuba
I Agnarsson, SM LeQuier, M Kuntner, RC Cheng, JA Coddington, ...
ZooKeys, 25, 2016
A multi-clade test supports the intermediate dispersal model of biogeography
I Agnarsson, RC Cheng, M Kuntner
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Insect form vision as one potential shaping force of spider web decoration design
RC Cheng, EC Yang, CP Lin, ME Herberstein, IM Tso
Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (5), 759-768, 2010
Mate choice and sexual size dimorphism, not personality, explain female aggression and sexual cannibalism in raft spiders
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Animal Behaviour 111, 49-55, 2016
Disentangling the size and shape components of sexual dimorphism
RC Cheng, M Kuntner
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DNA barcode data accurately assign higher spider taxa
JA Coddington, I Agnarsson, RC Cheng, K Čandek, A Driskell, H Frick, ...
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Body spot coloration of a nocturnal sit-and-wait predator visually lures prey
SJ Blamires, CH Lai, RC Cheng, CP Liao, PS Shen, IM Tso
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Spider behaviors include oral sexual encounters
M Gregorič, K Šuen, RC Cheng, S Kralj-Fišer, M Kuntner
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The global spread of misinformation on spiders
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Increasing information content and diagnosability in family-level classifications
M Kuntner, K Čandek, M Gregorič, E Turk, CA Hamilton, L Chamberland, ...
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Trap barricading and decorating by a well-armored sit-and-wait predator: extra protection or prey attraction?
HJ Tseng, RC Cheng, SH Wu, SJ Blamires, IM Tso
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 65, 2351-2359, 2011
The evolution of genital complexity and mating rates in sexually size dimorphic spiders
M Kuntner, RC Cheng, S Kralj-Fišer, CP Liao, JM Schneider, MA Elgar
BMC Evolutionary Biology 16, 1-9, 2016
An expert-curated global database of online newspaper articles on spiders and spider bites
S Mammola, J Malumbres-Olarte, V Arabesky, DA Barrales-Alcalá, ...
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Coevolution of female and male genital components to avoid genital size mismatches in sexually dimorphic spiders
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Leaf masquerade in an orb web spider
M Kuntner, M Gregorič, RC Cheng, D Li
The Journal of Arachnology 44 (3), 397-400, 2016
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